Business advisory and corporate finance

Overcome challenges and prepare for future success with our expert business advisory services. From fund raising or succession planning to business valuations and company strategy, Evelyn Partners Ireland provides tailored, personalised advice for your company.

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Tailored, professional advice can be the essential element needed for business to grow. It is also key when creating strategies to overcome challenges and barriers to your growth and success.

At Evelyn Partners Ireland we are solution focused, drawing on our wide and significant experience providing leading business advisory and corporate finance services, from business valuations and succession planning to merger and acquisition (M&A) and business exit or sale. We put good advice in your hands. We are focused on working with business, business owners and management teams to deliver successful strategies despite the challenges.

Read on to find out how we can help your business thrive and continue on the road to success.

Types of business advisory services in Ireland

Our team can deliver personalised, professional advice on a range of opportunities and challenges. Whether you’re an SME in Dublin or a long-established company in Galway or Limerick, our business advisory services include:

  • Mergers and acquisitions

    Get advice on all stages of the mergers and acquisition process, from sourcing targets for acquisition or the right purchasers for a sale, to deal structuring and due diligence to completion and post-deal support

  • Business sales

    Our team can walk you through the sale process, from getting a business valuation to identifying and selling to suitable buyers

  • Fundraising

    Attract investors, put together a business plan and more with the help of Evelyn Partners Ireland

  • MBOs and MBIs

    Seek our advice for opportunity analysis, deal negotiations, deal structuring and much more. (Management buyout and management buy in)

  • Strategy

    We can help you put together a business strategy, address pressing strategic challenges and tailor solutions to the unique needs of your industry

  • Turnaround management

    Evelyn Partners Ireland expertly works with you to help secure the future of your business, covering everything from business modelling and profit margins to refinancing

Introducing our corporate finance services in Ireland

Our team can work with you to achieve your financial objectives, whatever the size of your operation. Contact us for assistance with:

Fundraising, debt restructuring and refinancing

Identify and access sources of capital, restructure your business in times of financial difficulty and prepare for the future with our help.

Bank negotiations

We help to steer you through bank negotiations, allowing you to achieve the most advantageous lending terms, and access debt and capital funding.

Business valuations

Get accurate and detailed business valuations, whether for your own company or a potential purchase. We can also assist when external valuations go awry and offer help with mediation and dispute resolution.

Business reviews

Our team can assess business plans and business models, borrowing plans and debt sustainability to improve short and long-term performance.

Succession planning

The purpose of succession planning is to ensure that your business has a long-term strategy for continuity and leadership. When a business owner, or similar leadership role, is planning their retirement, putting a clear structure in place can help ease the transition. Often, the replacement comes from within but there are many options to consider.

Our team can help your business craft an executable action plan for replacing key leadership positions, as well as advising on how to identify and prepare an internal replacement.

Frequently asked questions about business advisory services and corporate finance

What are the advantages of succession planning?

The advantages of succession planning include:

  • Ensuring your business is passed to the next generation in a structured and tax-efficient way
  • Guaranteeing a clear plan to replace key positions, preventing long-term vacancies in essential leadership roles
  • Cutting down on expensive external hire and recruitment costs
  • Helping generate and maintain loyalty and a strong business culture through promotion from within

How much does a business valuation cost in Ireland?

The full cost of a business valuation will depend on several factors, like the size and context of your business, your company’s assets, supply chain, markets and more. Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your valuation needs.

What is the meaning of business advisory services?

Business advisory services are, in effect, professional advice and guidance provided to a company by an expert. The advice can cover a wide range of operation practices, from investor attraction to strategic planning.

What is the cost approach in business valuation?

The cost approach usually refers to the depreciated cost method of valuing a business. It often considers the value of similar businesses, or what the full cost would be to replace the company from scratch and the current market value.

What business valuations can Evelyn Partners Ireland help with?

We can offer assistance in a range of valuation practices, including valuations required for banks or other funders, for raising equity, valuation required for succession planning and tax purposes, accounting-based valuations, for restructuring, tax and transfer pricing, commercial areas, and mediation in contentious and disputed valuations like shareholder disputes.