Tax investigations support

Being subject to an investigation or negotiating a tax settlement with HM Revenue & Customs can be very time consuming, costly and stressful.

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Tax problem?

Call our Tax Dispute Resolution Helpline on 0800 008 6816 or 0203 8334 101 for a free no obligation discussion.

A global crackdown on tax evasion has led to an increase in personal tax investigations that can cover any aspect of your potential tax liability. In this environment, having skilled negotiators on your side who specialise in dealing with HMRC enquiries, is essential to protect your best interests.

Having the right support can also ease the burden if you're faced with an intrusive tax enquiry and improves your chances of a favourable and fair outcome. And with so much at stake, you need to be confident that additional taxes and penalties are correctly calculated.

Evelyn Partners has helped numerous clients conclude tax enquiries successfully.

How Evelyn Partners can help with tax investigations

  • Serious tax investigations: advising on and acting for those under investigation by HMRC’s Fraud Investigation Service
  • Tax enquiries: advising on and acting in enquiries raised by any of HMRC’s Compliance Teams
  • Single or multiple-issue disputes: advising on and acting in factual and technical disputes with HMRC
  • Mediation: Using HMRC’s Alternative Dispute Resolution programme to resolve long running or complex tax disputes outside of litigation
  • Tribunals and Litigation: If your tax dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation, instructing tax Counsel and supporting you in appeal proceedings
  • Voluntary Disclosures: Helping you to correct mistakes in your tax return or telling HMRC about undisclosed income or gains:
  • Offshore income and assets: Making disclosures to HMRC under its Worldwide Disclosure Facility
  • Tax avoidance review: Resolving your participation in historic tax scheme arrangements.
  • Tax Expert witness: Providing expert witness services in civil litigation proceedings, including the provision of court compliant expert witness reports

Why choose Evelyn Partners?

Our multi-disciplinary team can deal with contentious tax issues for businesses and individuals and are supported by chartered accountants and other specialist charted tax advisers. Our Partners have an average of over 20 years’ experience.

Many of our tax dispute resolution specialists have experience of working in HMRC and have spent their entire professional careers dealing with tax investigations and disputes.

Our aim is to ensure you reach the end of any intervention by HMRC with the minimum of stress and only pay the taxes that are properly due.