Recruiter tips

Explore details and guidance from our early careers recruitment team

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Online testing

Upon successful completion of the application form, you will be invited to take online numerical and verbal reasoning tests. Here are our tips.

  • The tests are timed, so make sure you're fully aware of how many questions you have to answer and keep an eye on the clock! You will have 20 minutes for the verbal and 30 minutes for the numerical test.
  • You have 10 working days to complete the tests once you receive the invite.
  • Our tests are compatible with laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Wherever you decide to take the test, make sure it's somewhere quiet.
  • Practice makes perfect! We cannot overemphasise the importance of practicing before you take an online test. There are a wealth of practice tests online for you to try.
  • Have a calculator, rough paper and pen ready for your working out.
  • Stay focused and keep calm.

Interviews & assessment centres

Whether you're attending a video interview or an assessment centre, here are some tips on how to prepare and make the most out of the experience.

Video interview tips

  • Carry out a couple of practice answers before you start the interview, to ensure you are comfortable and that your device is recording properly.
  • Ensure you are somewhere quiet and won’t be disturbed.
  • Take time between questions to think about the answer to the next question.
  • Behave as you would do in a face-to-face interview.
  • Dress smartly.
  • Structure your answers using the STAR method where appropriate.

Preparation and research before the interview or assessment day

  • Research is essential for any interview or assessment day.
  • Use the resources on this website to understand us as a company, departments, as well as our culture and values.
  • You will be asked about your understanding and motivations of the role, so think about why you are applying and what makes you suitable.

Interview tips

  • Be polite and friendly.
  • Use appropriate language.
  • Take a moment before you answer questions, if you need.
  • Always be honest.
  • Structure your answers using the STAR method where appropriate.
  • Think of some good questions back to your interviewer.