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Everybody experiences life-changing events at some point, whether directly or through a loved one. These often require difficult financial decisions with long-lasting consequences, which usually have to be made quickly and in the heat of the moment. We can show you the implications of these decisions and help you to make them, ensuring you find the right solution for you and your family.


The financial implications of divorce are often profound and long-lasting. Involving a financial planner at the early stage of the proceedings can help to shape the settlement and ensure that it is fair for everyone involved. A financial planner will take into account your complete financial situation, including your tax position, pensions, savings and investments to help you move forward in your new life.

Paying for care in later life

With ever-increasing life expectancies, the need for long-term care in later life is a very real possibility for many people. As the NHS and local authorities only cover the cost of care up to certain thresholds, it’s important to consider how you will cover these costs yourself. We can show you what you need to consider when planning for care in later life.

Important documents

Knowing where all your important documents are, where your accounts are held and how to get in touch with your providers can be vital when you are going through a life-changing event. To help, we’ve put together a useful log for you to complete now so you can easily access the information you need should the worst happen.

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