Transformation and optimisation support

Profit and performance enhancement services


Identification and maximisation of value enhancers

By combining segmented analytical reviews of margin, with product and pricing strategy, we identify the drivers of value and opportunities for enhancement. Using activity-based costing to identify the true cost of delivery, we identify root causes of underperformance in value drivers and target realistic improvements. We can also produce live dashboards to ensure effective ongoing management of these key performance indicators.

Strategic assessment and advice

Advising across a range of businesses and sectors gives us valuable insight into strategic issues and market trends. Not only do we work with businesses to apply this insight to ambitious goals and strategic directions, but we support in turning those into Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) with monitoring tools and feedback loops to ensure successful delivery.

Change management

We bring extensive change management experience to provide project support covering the end-to-end process, from project planning to delivery support and monitoring. We also provide troubleshooting advisory support when leadership bandwidth is limited.

Cost reduction identification and implementation

We combine benchmarking with bottom-up cost reviews and propose areas for improvements. We also review procurement processes and practices with a focus on pricing, economies of scale and payment terms. We also plan and support transitions to leaner operating models.

Funding model optimisation

With extensive corporate finance experience, we strategically review the funding model against the balance sheet, investment requirements and the working capital cycle of the business to identify cost improvements, risk mitigation and streamlining opportunities.

Underperformance root cause analysis and improvement

Utilising segmental data analytics with business understanding, we put the spotlight on underperforming sales or margins, overspent costs, inefficient processes and ineffective controls. We work with businesses to achieve targeted improvements and provide tools to monitor ongoing performance.

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