Fund pricing and valuations

As part of our fully in-house fund administration service, we provide an independent, trusted and professional valuation service tailored to the specific objectives of each fund.

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Our pricing and valuations team oversee Net Asset Value (NAV) control, production and calculation of each fund’s class-specific NAV prices at the required valuation point specified within the fund’s prospectus.

Our rigorous controls ensure that all trades, units in issue, cash, income, expenses, tax and asset prices are accurately reflected within the fund valuation and distributed to internal and external stakeholders on a daily basis, with an SLA for delivery within four business hours of NAV point.

The core system, a highly scalable solution used within the team for fund accounting, portfolio valuation and fund pricing, is the Linedata Icon package developed and supported by Linedata.

Asset pricing is sourced from industry standard vendors. The daily fund NAV prices are communicated to investment data providers and onward, distributed to many pricing platforms and any other vendors on request.

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