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The decision on whether to sell a business involves multiple, interconnected choices. There are many challenges facing businesses today such as inflation, supply chain problems and environmental factors. This, along with potential future tax increases, may encourage you to consider or even accelerate your business sale plans. Changes to your personal circumstances may also impact your choice.

Selling your business can be approached in three connected stages: pre-sale, exit ready and post-sale. At Evelyn Partners, we look at the whole picture and offer 360° advice. Our highly experienced team listen, discuss, and advise. We have experts across our advisory consulting, corporate finance, financial planning, business tax, personal tax and investment management services. They understand the relationship between each stage and know that decisions made in one area can impact another. We work as a team to help you build an effective business exit strategy that looks after your short and long-term needs.

In this guide:

  • Find out how we can help you decide whether now is the right time to sell your business
  • Read about different types of exit strategy
  • See how you could benefit from an exit readiness assessment, where we can discuss if you need tax advice in a certain area, look at how you can maximise your sale value or run a practice due diligence exercise to help avoid price chipping by your buyer
  • Discover the importance of cashflow modelling and how it can show you the sale price you need to achieve, which could be different to the value you want

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