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Guide: The smart guide to retirement planning

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Your free guide to successful retirement planning

Retirement is getting closer. You’ve saved wisely and done much of the hard work. But what now? How do you get from here to there and how do you know if you’ve got enough for the life you want? In fact, have you even had time to think about what you really want?

If any of these questions resonate, this new guide is for you. Aimed at those with more than £250,000 in assets, it brings to life how successful retirements are planned.


  • How a financial planner can work with you to explore the options, clarify what you want and put in place a retirement plan to help you get there
  • How it is possible to forecast, with a high degree of accuracy, what your finances and retirement income will look like in the future, giving you the confidence to make big decisions now
  • How we can help you to answer the question ‘how much do I need for retirement?’
  • How the structure of your finances can have a significant impact on the amount of tax you’ll pay, which in turn will affect how much money you have in retirement and for passing on to others

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