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Managing Partner

Leon Buckley

Financial planning

Areas of expertise

A leading Financial Planner with 20+ years experience, I understand that it takes empathy, clear communication and long term commitment to build trust with clients. I have a proven track record in delivering client focused, goals-led advice to help individuals and families achieve their objectives.

Heading up our financial planning Professional Practice Group my Team primarily works with Big4 Partners and employees, private equity Partners, and other professionals who have to comply with firm led processes/restrictions affecting their personal financial affairs.

I am a keen advocate and early adopter of financial forecasting and modelling central to the first stage of planning - a financial review. The cornerstone of which is to not just listen to clients, but to challenge them and ultimately help articulate their aspirations: 'PlanA'. We analyse whether financial, tax, investment and legal arrangements are all complimentary to client objectives and conduct SWOT analysis to ensure we have considered 'PlanB'.

The value of establishing this platform should not be underestimated and the rush to jump to conclusions and financial products/investment solutions should be resisted. On this foundation we build bespoke Financial Plans: A series of recommendations implemented over a number of months and years - stop doing A and B; start doing X and Y and tweak Z. In doing so, we work with a network of tax and legal advisers, mortgage and insurance brokers, investment managers and other professionals. I'm delighted that many of them are colleagues, in-house at Evelyn Partners

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