Geopolitical tensions – September 2017 market update

Geopolitical tensions – September 2017 market update

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Published: 11 Oct 2017 Updated: 13 Jun 2022

What happened in the markets?

US equities shook off extreme weather conditions and geopolitical tensions, while a weaker euro helped European equities deliver solid returns over the month.

  • UK equities were the laggards over the month as sterling strengthened on the prospect of higher rates. This was despite solid returns from the oil & gas sector, linked to higher commodity prices
  • Hawkish Central bank comments and the improved probability of Trump delivering a tax package of some sort drove core government bond yields up from their lows at the start of September, which resulted in weaker returns in fixed income markets
  • The re-emergence of the reflation trade later in the month was also visible in the sector returns, with financials and energy generally outperforming, while precious metals prices were weaker


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