ACD only

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In addition to our full-service fund administration solution, Evelyn Partners Fund Solutions can also work in partnership with major Fund Administrators, Custodians and Depositaries, providing expert ACD only solutions.

Operating an ‘open architecture’ proposition gives sponsors the ability to select a leading ACD provider alongside their chosen Asset Servicing partner, which can include Fund Accounting, Transfer Agency, Custody and Depositary, with the comfort of robust oversight:

Our ACD only solution includes:

      • Fund Governance - including the creation and ongoing maintenance of your fund / scheme documentation and key agreements
      • Monitoring & Risk Reporting – including assessment of eligibility of assets and monitoring fund’s investment & borrowing powers.
      • Delegate Oversight – including due diligence and Assessment of Value
      • Third party Oversight – the oversight of appointed third party asset servicing providers, which includes Fund Accounting and Transfer Agency
      • Regulatory Change

Our robust fund oversight and governance model ensures investor interest is at the very core of our service offering. Working closely with sponsors and delegated third party investment managers, Evelyn Partners provides the specialist expertise and focus needed to rigorously oversee the funds and appointed third parties, ensuring they adhere to the rules of the fund and the demanding regulatory landscape.