Assessment of value

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1. What

The Assessment of Value was introduced in September 2019, as part of the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) new measures aimed at improving outcomes for investors. We are required to consider value against seven criteria for each of our funds which include:

  1. Quality of service to investors, such as efficiency of administration, the quality and robustness of the investment process and the corporate governance and stewardship
  2. Fund performance considered over an appropriate timescale given the fund’s objectives, policy and strategy
  3. The overall cost for providing the service that each fund charge relates to, including all monies paid by the fund to associates or external parties
  4. Potential savings and benefits from economies of scale considering direct or indirect costs and whether the fund has grown or contracted
  5. The comparable market rates for similar funds offered by other external fund managers
  6. The fund charges in place for other comparable services the ACD/AFM provides, with similar objectives, policies and size
  7. The appropriateness of investors being in classes of units with higher charges than those applying to other similar share classes of the same fund with substantially similar rights

The rationale behind the seven criteria embedded in the new rules is to strengthen the duty of care to act in the best interests of investors.

Evelyn Partners Fund Solutions team believes the Assessment of Value will help investors make better informed investment decisions, by making it easier for them to evaluate their funds and the investment management of those funds.

2. Where

Our Assessment of Value report for each of our Sponsor funds is contained within the annual Report and Accounts, which can be found here

If you require a copy of the Assessment of Value report for ‘Other Funds administered by EPFL’ , please do get in touch with us.

3. Survey

Consumer feedback is invaluable to us and we’d appreciate it if following review of the Assessment of Value you complete our short questionnaire.