5 women from Tilney short-listed for the 2021 Women in Financial Advice Awards

5 women from Tilney short-listed for the 2021 Women in Financial Advice Awards

Published: 30 Sept 2021 Updated: 13 Jun 2022

5 women from Tilney short-listed for the 2021 Women in Financial Advice Awards

We are delighted to announce five exceptional women from Tilney are shortlisted in the fourth year of these important and high-profile awards.

The Women in Financial Advice Awards champions contributions made by women over the last year in the financial advice and wider financial services sectors.

Hundreds of nominations across 28 categories are whittled down to a dynamic shortlist. The shortlist process features written submissions from nominees detailing their perspective and service to clients and colleagues. Scroll down to read our five shortlisted nominees’ extraordinary achievements.

The Women in Financial Advice Awards is hosted by Professional Adviser and Retirement Planner on Thursday 7 October 2021 at The Brewery in London. Join us in wishing everyone involved a well-deserved, spectacular evening.

1. Ruth Slavin, Manchester
Women of the year: Protection advice

Protection advice is considered a cornerstone of financial planning, a sentiment espoused by Tilney nominee, Ruth Slavin: “I put my passion, knowledge and experience in the world of protection into every case, and for the benefit of every client I speak to. Whilst the two latter points are extremely important, I believe that eagerness to get the very best for my clients is what makes those work for a better outcome for my client. If I wouldn’t be happy with an outcome for me and my family, I won’t accept it for a client.”

2. Jenny Whitehouse, Leeds
Financial Adviser of the year – North East

Helping a traumatised person make sound decisions after a life changing event demands a combination of specific character traits and professional expertise. Jenny Whitehouse delivers expert advice with an irrepressible zest for life. “I believe a deeper understanding of how a client sees the world, their background and their vision is key to understanding what I need to do and how it will best put them at ease. I see it as a trusted adviser role where clients, with usually no financial experience or background, lean on me for trust and expertise.”

Jenny’s recent fitness journey inspired her to establish wellbeing programmes across the company: “I appointed wellbeing ambassadors across the country to: brainstorm ideas, share success regularly, run wellbeing webinars, do exercise challenges, hold charity events and wellness weeks, and give back some of the positivity I have gained from my own journey.”

3. Taina Moran, Edinburgh
Financial Adviser of the year – Scotland and NI

From deciding to re-train in financial services at the peak of the financial crisis in 2008, to personally phoning every one of her clients at the onset of our first Covid lockdown, Taina Moran continues to face challenges head on during periods of intense uncertainty. “I am lucky to do a job I love. I work with so many amazing clients from all walks of life, really getting to know them, helping them make the right financial decisions that really do change lives.”

Taina’s dedication to delivering consistently excellent financial advice is matched by her ability to empower others as they navigate the unchartered waters of change, including launching The Financial Wellbeing webinar series during lockdown. “The Financial Wellbeing programme was an excellent platform to show us as advisers, that we are approachable, knowledgeable, not scary, don’t over complicate matters and are there to listen.”

4. Sally Beresford, Manchester
Financial Adviser of the year – North West

Sally Beresford’s tenacity, insight and professionalism complement her devotion to mentoring other women and girls, including her new role mentoring schoolgirls in Greater Manchester. “I have benefitted myself from female mentors and feel it is only right to pay this forward and support and encourage other women to excel.”

Sally is one of two female partners located in the North West and holds a rare combination of qualifications: Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. “I advise clients of differing backgrounds, roles and ages, from young entrepreneurs to current and retired senior executives. I work with a number of young female entrepreneurs helping them build their financial future and often as a sounding board. I still work with families I met in my first year as a financial planner.”

5. Ann-Marie Atkins, Manchester
Role model of the year (large firms)
Team leader of the year
Financial Adviser of the year – North West

Ann-Marie Atkins - last year’s Role Model of the Year winner - is shortlisted this year in three categories and remains committed to reaching new heights of service excellence: “Stepping up into complex situations, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve become a more rounded person, really mindful of my ability to distil complex ideas into straightforward language for my clients.”

Authenticity is an essential ingredient of Ann-Marie’s success, as is empowering those around her: “I use the platform I have to wave the flag. My strength has always been around the language I use and encouraging others to think differently. I started off in admin and now look at me. I want others to look at me and think, ‘Why can’t I do what Ann-Marie is doing?’”

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This article was previously published on Tilney prior to the launch of Evelyn Partners.