The 2022/23 tax year is here

The 2022/23 tax year is here

Charlotte Andrew
Published: 06 Apr 2022 Updated: 13 Jun 2022


  • Up to £40,000 or an amount that is equal to your annual salary (whichever figure is lower) can be paid into your pension this tax year and still receive tax relief. This is known as the pension annual allowance

  • For higher earners, this could taper down to £4,000

  • If you have not used your full pension annual allowances in the last three tax years, you could carry these over using pension carry forward


  • The annual ISA allowance is £20,000 for a standard adult ISA and it’s

  • £9,000 for a Junior ISA

Dividends and gains

  • You can receive up to £2,000 in dividend income before you pay dividend tax

  • On the sale or disposal of certain assets, the first £12,300 of profits (or ‘gains’) will not be subject to capital gains tax this tax year

Financial gifts

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