Complaints - landlords, tenants and leaseholders

Handling informal complaints

It is accepted most complaints will be made informally to front-line members of staff and will be resolved at this stage without the need for further action. Also, if we receive a complaint from you and we feel it is appropriate in the circumstances, we may telephone you to try to resolve the matter immediately.

How do I make a formal complaint?

If your complaint is not resolved informally, and you feel you need to take the matter further and raise a formal complaint, please write to the address below setting out your concerns together with copies of any documentation which will help us to investigate.

Evelyn Partners

Group General Counsel

45 Gresham Street



Telephone: 020 7131 4000


Your complaint correspondence will be acknowledged within five working days of receipt.


It is our objective to resolve your complaint satisfactorily, and the appropriate management team will work to address your concerns, the matters raised and, where necessary, offer appropriate resolution.

To allow time for our investigation of the complaint, we will aim to provide a response within 15 working days of the initial acknowledgement of your complaint.

Decision review

In the event you feel the matter needs to be taken further then, upon your request, the complaint will proceed to review. An Evelyn Partners director not previously involved with the complaint will review your complaint and provide the final viewpoint and offer of any further action as necessary.

We will aim to provide a response within 15 working days.

Property Redress Scheme

If you are still not satisfied following the review stage, you can refer your complaint to the Property Redress Scheme, whose contact details are:

The Property Redress Scheme

Premiere House, 1st Floor

Elstree Way



Telephone: 0333 321 9418