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Expert pre-retirement and post-retirement services in Ireland.

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Get expert help with retirement planning from Evelyn Partners in Ireland. Discover our full range of pre-retirement and post-retirement services.

Retirement planning is crucial to ensure you enjoy a comfortable later life. With decades of experience, Evelyn Partners in Ireland can show you exactly how to plan your retirement – from building investment strategies to bridging any saving gaps.

Whether you’re just starting out in your career, switching jobs, or approaching your target retirement age, our team in Ireland will always offer solutions tailored to your unique needs. We provide an accessible, bespoke service capable of dealing with even the most complex financial issues.

From company directors and executives to professionals and the self-employed, we work with a diverse range of clients. Discover how we can help with your retirement planning today.

Pre-retirement planning in Ireland

Whatever your life stage, you’ll find our specialist team of pension and tax advisers and investment managers can deliver tailored professional retirement planning advice, services and support.

Create a pension investment strategy

Your pension investments may have become disjointed and imbalanced over time after moving between jobs and providers. Evelyn Partners can help you make the most of your contributions by developing a tailored investment strategy and building a bespoke portfolio suited to your goals, risk appetite and life stage.

Get a pension review

Whether unearthing forgotten schemes or explaining what would happen if you passed away before retirement, our pension reviews have all the answers. Work with our retirement planning team in Ireland to get a projected income – and see if you’re saving enough. We can advise if your salary, investment strategy or approach to pension drawdown need a rethink.

Choose the right pension structure

We offer easy access to all pension options available in Ireland, providing advice and assistance with set-up, investments and administration. Your options include:

  • Self-administered retirement schemes. With this tax-efficient vehicle, you can allow investment advisers to make the most of new opportunities, instead of restricting yourself to life assurance funds.
  • Personal retirement bonds. It is possible to transfer a deferred entitlement (otherwise known as a deferred pension) to a Revenue-approved PRB as an alternative way to save for retirement.
  • Personal retirement savings accounts. Popular with self-employed individuals like doctors and solicitors, a PRSA acts as a flexible, tax-efficient investment account.
  • Approved Retirement Funds. This is a popular way to manage your retirement fund and investments when you finish work

Post-retirement planning in Ireland

Your financial journey doesn’t end when you leave the world of work and enter retirement. And neither does the support offered by Evelyn Partners.

Decide how to take your benefits

As part of your financial planning for retirement, it’s vital to consider how you’ll receive an income in later life. We can guide you through the different options when taking benefits, while keeping you up to date with any regulatory changes. Our specialists can also review the inheritance implications for your retirement funds.

Stay invested after retirement

See how alternatives to traditional annuities could benefit you in retirement. Our team can discuss the ins and outs of Approved Retirement Funds (ARFs), to help you decide if they’re the right choice.

These tax-efficient structures allow you to keep money invested during retirement, while drawing down a regular income. They are also a family asset with the potential to be part of your legacy on your death

To find out more about how we can help you, please contact:

Cathal Redmond, Associate Director, Retirement & Pensions Planning, Evelyn Partners Investment Management (Europe) Limited T: +353 1 5006593 E:

Frequently asked questions about retirement planning in Ireland

What is the best retirement plan?

The best retirement plan will be different for everyone and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it can depend on factors like the income you want to achieve in retirement, your approach to investment risk and how many years you have left until leaving work.

When should I start planning for retirement?

You should ideally start planning for retirement as soon as you’re in a financial position to do so. The earlier you begin planning and saving for the future, the more time your pension pot has to grow. Leaving things too late could hinder your chances of achieving the retirement lifestyle you want.

What questions should I ask before retiring?

The main question to ask before retiring is whether you have enough money saved to do so. Working with a retirement planning adviser can reveal your projected income, based on your current pension pot. Another key question to ask is how you’ll take your pension benefits. Annuities and approved retirement funds are among the options.

What is the retirement age?

There isn’t a fixed blanket retirement age for employees in Ireland. However, your contract may include a mandatory retirement age depending on your employer (for example, 65). Some public sector positions also come with a statutory retirement age, where the law requires you to leave work by a certain date.

What is a retirement savings plan?

A retirement savings plan is a strategy that helps you map out your financial journey towards later life. You’ll need to work out a target retirement date and income. It’s then a case of identifying how much you’ll have to save into a pension to meet those targets – and the investment choices that could get you there.

Are all pensions the same?

No! Some pensions allow you to contribute more than others or may restrict your employer making a payment. Others have different retirement ages and may subject you to higher levels of charges and commission. Knowing the difference will help you understand the advice you receive.

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