Turnaround and working capital

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Turnaround planning and implementation

With extensive experience in industry of successfully delivering turnaround and transformation for stressed and high-growth businesses, we cover the end-to-end process, whether you need assistance at a strategic level or in-depth support and project management. Our Partners are Institute for Turnaround accredited.

Evelyn Partners LLP is a Corporate Partner of the Institute for Turnaround, the UK’s leading membership organisation for turnaround experts. A number of our team are also personally accredited to the highest standard by the Institute for Turnaround to help underperforming businesses avoid unnecessary insolvencies.

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Operational improvements

Utilising segmental data analytics with business understanding we put the spotlight on underperforming sales or margins, overspent costs, inefficient operational processes and ineffective controls. We work with businesses to achieve targeted improvements and provide tools to monitor ongoing performance.

Working capital cycle review and improvement

We combine data analytics, industry insight and commercial acumen to review the whole working capital cycle, identifying tailored improvements to processes, practices and controls. Using segmental data analytics, we drill down into the root causes of issues and target achievable solutions monitored by live dashboards. This service can also be focussed on single areas of working capital such as customer receivables.

Integrated cash flow forecasting

We make cash flow forecasting more robust and improve predictive effectiveness by systemising inputs, streamlining processes and utilising feedback loops. This improves speed of cash flow forecasting, enables data-led decision making, enhances stakeholder confidence and manages risk. We also provide complex financial modelling services.

Targeted troubleshooting support

With wide ranging industry and advisory experience, we provide a tailored service to fix issues ranging from data cleansing to unblocking project delivery. The trigger to our involvement is often when leaders are being dragged into the detail and lack time, or when an external voice is needed to focus attention and ensure delivery – we step in to support leaders so they can refocus on strategic issues.

Stakeholder management and monitoring

We use our industry experience to conduct strategic, financial and operational reviews of businesses for stakeholders, and provide options and recommendations. We also complete more targeted, tailored reviews for stakeholders on risk areas such as cash flow forecasting or receivables conversions.

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