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European MiFID Template (EMT)

An industry standard document that provides a description of the minimum set of data (defining a product’s target market, distribution strategy which is consistent with the identified target market and disclosing its costs and charges) from product manufacturers of financial instruments to distributors, firms who distribute these products.

The Sub-Funds are suitable for retail investors, professional investors and eligible counterparties whose investment requirements are aligned with the objectives, policies and risk profiles of the Sub-Funds. These Sub-Funds will be distributed primarily via fund platforms, wealth managers, discretionary fund managers and financial institutions. The Sub-Funds have no complex features or guarantees and investors do not necessarily need to have investment experience however a basic understanding of investment markets, the kind of underlying investments of the Sub-Funds and the risks involved in investment is important. Retail investors are expected to have received financial advice prior to investing in the Sub-Funds.

The Sub-Funds may not be suitable for certain investors, including but not limited to those whose objectives and needs are not consistent with the nature of the Sub-Funds, those who are unable to commit capital for a sufficient term or do not have sufficient resources to bear any loss which may result from an investment in the Sub-Funds. The Sub-Funds are also not committed to meeting any specific ethical, social, religious or environmental restrictions which some investors may be seeking.

Further information on the intended target market for the Sub-Funds is available from the ACD upon request. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of any of the Sub-Funds, you should consult an appropriately qualified financial adviser prior to making an investment.

All investors are expected to have also read the relevant Key Investor Information Document (KIID) which is intended to help investors understand the nature and risks of investing in the Sub-Funds. Please refer to the latest EMT or KIID for the Synthetic Risk Reward Indicator (SRRI).






Supplementary Information Document (SID)

Individual application form

Institutional application form

Reports & Accounts  (including Assessment of Value Report)

Key Investor Information Document

The Key Investor Information Document (KIID) is not marketing material. A KIID contains the essential information for understanding the nature and risks of a fund. Each Fund has its own KIID.

Where your client invests directly with us, we must confirm that they have seen up-to-date versions of the required documents before we can proceed.

Further information is contained in the full prospectus, copies of which can be obtained by telephoning us free of charge on 0141 222 1151.