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The entrepreneurs team here at Evelyn Partners are huge fans of this podcast series. Through the course of our work as advisers to fast growing businesses, we get to know so many inspiring business leaders and, behind every success, is a tale of intuition, skill and stamina. This podcast series gives everyone the opportunity to hear such stories and insights first hand.

We’re here to help you thrive

You know the expression, ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ well in many ways the same goes for a successful business. Having an expert team around you doesn’t just give you access to knowledge that you may not have yourself; it also frees you up to focus on the parts of your business that only you can do.

Our role at Evelyn Partners is to provide a one-stop shop for your accountancy, tax and wealth management needs. We recognise that in most cases your business and family finances are intertwined and by looking at the whole picture we can make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

How we help

We work with entrepreneurs throughout the lifecycle of a business, championing and promoting entrepreneurship and focusing our energy and expertise on aspirational and growing businesses whose founders want to succeed and make a difference.

Services for you and your family

  • Exiting your business – transferring business into personal wealth during a sale or transfer of ownership.
  • Investment and wealth management – preserving and growing your wealth to give you and your family financial security.
  • Personal financial planning – including making the most of tax allowances, preparing for retirement, estate planning and working with your family across generations.
  • Tax advisory – providing support at each stage of your growth and exit; from advising on investment rounds, preparing UK self-assessment tax returns, liaising with HMRC on your behalf, to guiding you to structure in a way that minimises tax risks for you and your company.

Services for your business

  • Business tax – supporting your business with tax compliance and advisory including: R&D tax credits, international expansion and VAT.
  • Corporate finance and transactions – raising capital, making acquisitions, managing portfolios and providing strong transactional support.
  • Incentivising and retaining staff - innovative ideas and expert advice on structuring benefits in the best interests of your employees and your business.
  • Audit, accounting and business outsourcing– ensuring you have effective and accurate financial systems and controls in place to meet your business and compliance requirements. Helping, if required, to provide comprehensive outsourcing & back-office services.

Why choose Evelyn Partners?

Evelyn Partners has been looking after the financial affairs of individuals, families and businesses for more than a century, acting as a trusted adviser to help them grow, manage and preserve wealth.

Recognising that entrepreneurs and their businesses are the heart of the UK economy, we have a specialist team that works alongside growing business and their owners, providing co-ordinated accountancy, tax and wealth management advice during growth, exit and beyond.

The Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame – more stories to inspire you

With vision and dedication, the entrepreneurs in our Hall of Fame have all succeeded in building strong, sustainable businesses. They share their experiences of what helped, what hurt and their lessons for the next generation of business owners.