Natalie Burkitt


"I am currently working for Shepper Ltd, a data business with a social purpose. It’s a two-sided model that means we helpfully solve two MASSIVE problems:

  1. Offering millions of people an opportunity to up-skill and earn supplementary income where, how, and when they like. It’s a super-inclusive model, with a focus on promoting local, sustainable working practices and transparency of earnings.
  2. Helping brands, small, big, and giant, to access cost effective, dynamic, and real-time data on what's happening on the ground, right now.  Hugely relevant for brands who have products or assets everywhere, have dynamic product and pricing or are reliant on other brands to distribute their products and services.

I have spent my career as an accountant, starting at the age of 15 working for my father as a bookkeeper (my parents decided I was good at maths and this would be a suitable way to earn pocket money). I have a BSc (open) and MBA from the Open University, and am a chartered accountant by trade. I have been lucky to have had a varied career working up the ranks working in retail, music, sports data, professional football and laterly tech enabled data collection."