Reset client password and unlock account

Reset client password and unlock account 

If a client has forgotten their password, you can reset it for them:

1. Search for and open the client record.  View here for more information - Client Search 

2. From the left panel, select Login & security

3. Click Reset password

4. The client will be sent an email with a link to reset their password

You can also reset the client password using the Quick assist menu and by selecting ‘Reset password’  

Unlock Client Account 

A client will be locked out of their account on the portal if they enter their password incorrectly 3 times consecutively. In this circumstance their account will be unlocked after 30 minutes and the client will be able to try again. 

If this does not work or the account has been locked for another reason, your client may contact you to unlock their account. You will need to contact or call 020 7189 9950 and ask them to do this for you.