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Financial wellbeing for your employees

Introducing Moneyhealth

Money is widely recognised as the biggest source of stress in the UK. As well as blighting personal lives, it can have a profound, negative impact in the workplace. Poor financial health can result in low morale, a lack of focus, low productivity, and also damage retention rates. As a result, it is now important for business owners and HR professionals to offer their employees financial wellbeing programmes.

Financial wellbeing is good for employees and good for business

A programme to support the financial health of your employees can:

  • help remove the stress employees experience around money by providing financial education and support
  • in turn, this can boost employee engagement and productivity levels
  • retain and attract talent by offering a stand-out benefits package
  • save payroll costs through having to replace and attract lost talent
  • remove the need for HR professionals to handle personal finance questions

Improve employee financial wellbeing with Moneyhealth

To help employers support and improve the financial health of their employees, Evelyn Partners offers Moneyhealth, a comprehensive financial wellbeing programme that combines:

  • state-of-the-art digital platform and app
  • financial coaching
  • executive consulting for senior managers
  • a tailored programme of webinars and educational resources
  • preferential rates when investing through the Bestinvest online investment platform (part of the Evelyn Partners Group)

Download the guide to find out more about Moneyhealth and see how Evelyn Partners can support the financial wellbeing of your employees.

Book your Moneyhealth demo

For further information and to see how Evelyn Partners can support your employees, book a Moneyhealth demo

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