Doing business in the UK - A guide for fintechs

Business tax, commercial and financial advice for UK-based fintech companies and their founders.

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For those businesses who can see the potential in setting up in the UK, this guide, written by Evelyn Partners and the Department for International Trade, is an important starting point. It gives you guidance on establishing a business in the UK, the UK’s tax regime, as well as company rules and incentives. We hope it marks the start of your business’s new life in the UK.

In recent years, the UK has built impressive credentials as a hub for fintech businesses. Combining the available financing, depth of skills and a robust, yet supportive regulatory environment, the UK obtains the fundamentals for fintech businesses to launch and grow. We pride ourselves on being home to one of the world’s leading financial centres which brings tangible benefits to fintech businesses.

This guide is designed to help you flourish in the UK, highlighting some of the benefits that the country has to offer you. We explain the considerations that you will need to make prior to coming over to the UK and what you need to set up so that you are compliant from day one.

The UK environment currently has generous schemes available to fintech businesses. There are many grants and subsidies that you may be able to claim and we have highlighted these within the guide. In addition, we explain how best to set up a UK bank account and what regulatory approvals you will need depending on the nature of your business.