Evelyn Partners Ireland: growing strong

Finance Ireland conducted an annual survey of Ireland’s top accountancy firms and asked Evelyn Partners Ireland for insights about performance, business conditions and outlook. John O’Callaghan, Managing Partner of Evelyn Partners (Ireland) Limited, explains the drivers behind the firm’s success and its unique proposition in the Irish Market.

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John O’Callaghan
Published: 30 Nov 2023 Updated: 30 Nov 2023

Our results that make us one of the top 10 accountancy firms in Ireland demonstrate the synergy between Evelyn Partners and our clients in terms of ambition and growth. We very much see ourselves as an alternative force in the Irish professional services market, with a full suite of services from outsource and assurance to tax, advisory and wealth management.

Our financial success is rooted in our fully integrated team across Ireland and the UK. This seamless and ‘borderless’ model is what clients want and is an important differentiator.
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We continue our strategy of making senior strategic hires so we can continue to provide clients with the advice and technical support they need. We intend to continue to grow our presence in Ireland and internationally.

Integrated service delivery and technology solutions help drive business growth

The past 12 months has been incredibly interesting from the perspective of Evelyn Partners and the wider accountancy market. In Ireland, we have seen our business go from strength to strength with more and more clients looking to transform and grow their businesses and needing the range of advice and support we can deliver. This in turn means transforming our business advisory expertise and we have worked hard to deliver this.

Not only are we using latest technologies, but we are addressing the increasing need and demand for clients to implement technology solutions in their operations. For example, we have just entered an exclusive arrangement with LucaNet. This is a proven German Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution to automate group reporting and simplify group consolidations. The fully integrated structure of our business gives our Irish operation the benefit of the substantial group infrastructure and resources resulting in us being able to deploy solutions which in many cases surpasses our local competitors.

Predicting the future in any market is always dangerous but we have in place a clear strategy for growth in service provision and innovation as we bring the full force of our integrated service delivery model to the market.

Expert data protection and cyber security insights as your business grows

An area which is important to all areas of the business such as audit, corporate finance, and consultancy is cyber security. With the increased presence of technology and artificial intelligence in the workplace, accountancy firms must ensure that they are operating to the highest standard when it comes to data protection and protecting client interests.

At Evelyn Partners Ireland, our advisory team specialises in cybersecurity and risk management to protect our clients from the risk of losing reputation, revenue and customers. With businesses taking on the challenge of digital transformation, they will now look to professional service providers like Evelyn Partners to ensure that they are delivering an end-to-end service.

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