Money, She Talked – Discussing the finances around divorce, Sept 21

Money, She Talked – Discussing the finances around divorce

Published: 02 Sept 2021 Updated: 13 Jun 2022

In this episode of Money, She Talked, Marika Franceschi, Partner MacRoberts LLP joins Tilney’s financial planner Taina Moran, as they explain the often-overwhelming process of untangling finances during divorce. A supportive team of both lawyers and financial planners, with a joint approach, can help achieve the best outcome for all parties involved in what is typically a traumatic time for families.

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Highlights of this episode

1:23 – Knowing your options: feeling overwhelmed or confused by the finances involved is normal. Taina and Marika break down what happens during those initial meetings and why it’s important to put a full financial plan in place early on.

3:50 – Putting figures into context: should you keep the property, take more of a pension, or secure a larger sum of cash? A financial planner can help demystify the figures.

6:40 – Blindsided by separation versus what is realistic: making those big financial decisions, for example, do you know if you can afford to keep the family home long-term? Cashflow modelling can help untangle the options to put these big decisions into perspective so you can forecast your finances.

13:30 – Being in control and finding the best route for you: with heightened emotions it’s key to be confident and pragmatic about the future and what’s affordable. The decisions made during the divorce process are life-changing and have long lasting consequences.

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This article was previously published on Tilney prior to the launch of Evelyn Partners.