Don’t get hit by the pension lifetime allowance

We can help you manage this 55% tax charge.

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You can take action to manage the lifetime allowance

Our pension specialists at Evelyn Partners are experienced at helping people structure their finances in the most tax-efficient way. They can help you manage the pension lifetime allowance.

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  • How Evelyn Partners can help you manage the lifetime allowance

We can help you manage the pension lifetime allowance

What is the pension lifetime allowance?

The lifetime allowance is the amount you can hold in all of your pensions over your lifetime. It is currently set at £1.0731 million. It used to be £1.25 million but was reduced, which is why more and more people are caught out by it.

How does the lifetime allowance work?

Your pension is assessed against this allowance when you take benefits, die or reach age 75. Any excess is taxed at 25% on top of income tax if taken as income, or 55% if taken as a lump sum.

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