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Smith & Williamson was rebranded Evelyn Partners in June 2022.

We are very pleased to complete this disposal, which we genuinely believe is a great outcome for all parties. The team at Oaklins Evelyn Partners were a class act throughout the process. They clearly understand this sector and provided sound guidance, support and advice throughout. This led to a professional, streamlined process with a good level of competitive tension. We would strongly recommend Oaklins to anyone.
People Icon Peter Gordon, M&A Director, Learning Technologies Group Plc
Smiths has now posted eight straight quarters of growth, and the addition of HCP allows us to further build on this momentum by adding synergistic capabilities through an accretive transaction in a market we know well. We welcome our new colleagues from HCP to Smiths.
People Icon Paul Keel, CEO Smiths Group plc
We are very excited to announce this transaction, which we believe is a great outcome for all parties. The team at Oaklins Evelyn Partners went above and beyond throughout the process. They were knowledgeable about the sector, including the buyer landscape, and provided sound guidance, support and advice throughout. This led to a highly efficient, streamlined process and we would most definitely recommend Oaklins to anyone.
People Icon Andrew Cowen, Chairman Biopharma Group
The Oaklins Evelyn Partners team were instrumental in navigating us through the process from start to finish. Their experience was invaluable, guiding us at each stage by providing hands-on support and advice, whilst being a pleasure to work with. It was crucial for us to find a party to continue the success of Indepth and we are pleased to have achieved that with PTSG.
People Icon Richard Norman, Managing Director and former owner, Indepth Hygiene Services Limited
The Oaklins Evelyn Partners team were a pleasure to work with and ensured the process ran smoothly throughout. They demonstrated strong knowledge of the sector and most importantly, clearly understood the differentiation that Kea offers in the market. The team focused on what we were trying to achieve and came up with practical ideas to address challenges. I would certainly recommend Oaklins if you were exploring your options as a business owner.
People Icon Caroline Sage Founder, Kea Consultants
The Oaklins team were a pleasure to work with, helping us to build the story about the company and being available round the clock. Their international reach meant we had access to a pool of buyers, many of which we did not know. This, combined with their problem-solving ability and calmness, meant we navigated our way safely through the process. We have completed with a buyer who we believe understands both the business and its culture and we are very excited for Nexus’ future. We would definitely work with the Oaklins team again.
People Icon Marc Stanton Managing Director, Nexus National Security Network
The team at Oaklins Evelyn Partners were a pleasure to work with throughout the process. Their level of technical knowledge and expertise in delivering international software transactions, along with their patience and pragmatism, has been pivotal in helping us deliver this transaction.
People Icon Alun Marriott Deputy chairman of the insurance consulting team in reinsurance solutions, Aon plc
The deal has saved the jobs of the business’ staff, while allowing Livia’s the opportunity to flourish with new backers. We are certain that S-Ventures is the right fit for Livia’s business.
People Icon Clare Lloyd, Administrator
The team’s deal experience and calm but thorough approach was key to helping us achieve a successful transaction. We are delighted with the outcome and would like to thank them for their unwavering support and for going the extra mile.
People Icon Nicholas Johnston Founder, Johnston Quarry Group Ltd
We are very pleased to have successfully transferred majority ownership to an EOT. This structure will allow business as usual, with management able to concentrate on the exciting growth opportunities from existing and new customers from which the employees will also benefit. We chose Oaklins Evelyn Partners because of their strong track record in advising the transfer of owner-managed businesses to EOTs as well as their proven industrials experience. The team’s deep expertise was crucial in ensuring a successful outcome for all parties.
People Icon Owner of Carmen
We enjoyed working with Oaklins Evelyn Partners and quickly built a rapport with the team, which was really important in delivering the transaction, along with their professionalism. Connectr was born from the belief that everyone should have equal power and opportunity to shape their own future. We enable companies to better support their employees in achieving their goals and realizing their ambitions every day. This new funding from Puma Private Equity will enable us to continue building on our success within the emerging talent space, supporting diversity and inclusion in the wider workplace and achieving our goal — to reduce unemployment and build a sense of belonging for all.
People Icon Will Akerman Founder, Connectr
We are delighted to have successfully transferred majority ownership of Chapman Ventilation to an EOT. This structure enables the business to continue undisrupted allowing management to focus on, and the employees to benefit from, numerous emerging growth opportunities. We chose Oaklins Evelyn Partners because of their proven industrials and EOT expertise and particular focus on advising owner-managed businesses. The team’s deep understanding was invaluable in ensuring a successful outcome.
People Icon Anthony Chapman Managing Director, Chapman Ventilation Group
We are immensely proud of what BWS and the people within it have achieved over the last 30 years. It was critical to find a partner who will continue the business’ principles of excellence, innovation and service for the next 30 years, and we were delighted to achieve that with Sonmarg. We would like to thank the Oaklins Evelyn Partners team for their unwavering commitment and support throughout this process. They were with us every step of the way and were instrumental in achieving the successful outcome.
People Icon Mike Stone and Chris Jenkins Founders, BWS Security Systems Limited
We were pleased to work with the team at Oaklins Evelyn Partners, who gave considered and timely advice. They were always on hand to guide us through the transaction with a party that we believe to be the right strategic acquiror for the business and the management team.
People Icon Warren Cowan Chairman, Greenlight Digital Limited
“This structure enables the business to continue as usual, focusing on growth and our employees. We decided to work with the Smith & Williamson team because of their proven experience with EOT transactions and advising owner-managed businesses. The support the team provided throughout this transaction was crucial in ensuring a successful outcome was achieved”.
People Icon Simon Miesegaes, CCS Group
Appointing the Smith & Williamson and Oaklins team was crucial in running an international process. The hands-on approach and deal experience was key to overcoming challenges during the process and the team always went the extra mile to help us achieve our objectives. The shareholders are very pleased with the outcome and wish the parties well for the future.
People Icon Peter Butcher and Howard Smith, joint shareholders of TMD
The Smith & Williamson team were instrumental in the process from the start. They navigated us through each stage and consistently provided hands on support and advice to help us reach our objectives. Their M&A experience was clear, and they did an excellent job in providing considered and professional solutions to overcome challenges during the process. The shareholders and management team are very pleased with the result and the exceptional support provided by Smith & Williamson.
People Icon Graham Moakes, Managing Director of Comax
As a shareholder group, we found the advice and support that the Oaklins team provided crucial in achieving a successful transaction. Their strong track record in both the A&D and Industrials sectors and ability to anticipate and overcome a wide range of challenges during the sale process were important factors in delivering a positive outcome for the shareholders.
People Icon Gus King, Former Managing Director and major shareholder, Permali Gloucester Limited
Oaklins’ global reach and industry expertise, together with their technical and problem-solving skills were key to the success of this transaction. They were able to draw upon their international teams to introduce a wide pool of both strategic and financial buyers. Overall, we felt that the Enact future plans for the Edbro business were best aligned with our own objectives for the business and those of the Edbro management team.
People Icon Tobias Schmidt, Global Head of Corporate Strategy and M&A of Jost
We are pleased to have secured the future of the business under employee ownership. This structure enables us to continue with business as usual, continuing to grow and focusing on our employees. We found the advice and hands on support provided by the Smith & Williamson team to be invaluable and a significant factor in achieving a successful transaction. Their understanding of the wider construction industry and owner managed businesses proved vital in supporting us and made the whole process run smoothly.
People Icon Rob Warner, Managing Director of Metropolitan Electrical Services
We are delighted to welcome Nature at Work into the Urban Planters family. The acquisition provides a significant opportunity for Urban Planters to strengthen its position in the South East with the acquisition of a business that shares a similar approach to client service and culture.
People Icon Rory Waterer, Managing Director of Tropical Innovation Limited
In Smith & Williamson we found a partner who shares the principles which are crucial to our own client relationships. The team delivered impartial, clear advice throughout the project and we developed a fantastic working relationship. Their guidance proved to be the defining factor in delivering this successful outcome and I would not hesitate to recommend them.
People Icon Peter Walsh, Founder of Concert
Having known the Smith & Williamson team for many years, we chose to work with them because they have a strong track record in healthcare and understood our business. We were delighted with our choice as Smith & Williamson rolled up their sleeves, anticipating and meeting challenges along the way. This “can do” attitude was key in finding the right party and achieving a deal that met our needs.
People Icon Sushil Radia, CEO of Westminster Homecare
I found the advice and hands on support provided by the Smith & Williamson team to be invaluable and a significant factor in achieving a successful transaction. Their understanding of the medical and healthcare sector as well as a focus on owner managed businesses proved vital in not just solving problems but anticipating and addressing them before they arose. I cannot recommend their team highly enough.
People Icon Iain Mack, Founder and Managing Director of The MOLE Clinic
We found the input and advice from the team at Smith & Williamson invaluable. They were always available and solved problems to ensure a smooth process and helped us complete a transaction with a party, who we believe to be, the right strategic partner for the business and the management team.
People Icon Colin Croll, Chairman of Millbrook Healthcare
We expect excellent synergies from the Graytone project in Europe and Middle East. We believe we can achieve significant cross fertilization as an “Adhesives & Chemicals” custom made solutions expert, with our worldwide customers, our world-class manufacturers’ partners and our geographical position in Europe and North America. The team at Smith & Williamson advised on this cross-border transaction, with the assistance of Oaklins France. They understood our vision and strategic criteria. It was their expertise of working on international processes that was central to the successful completion of this acquisition. Julien Duvanel, ADDEV Materials CEO and Aerospace & Defense Business Unit CEO
People Icon Julien Duvanel, ADDEV Materials CEO and Aerospace & Defense Business Unit CEO
Selling a business is exciting but can also be a challenging time so having the right advisers is critical. Having worked with other corporate finance advisers in the past I was very careful when putting together the team to assist the Response Source transaction and I have to say Smith & Williamson has been fantastic the whole way through the process. Its corporate finance team gives the bespoke support you’d expect from a boutique firm with the technical back-up of a large professional services organisation.
People Icon Daryl Willcox, Founder of ResponseSource
The team at Smith & Williamson was involved from day one and were instrumental in getting this deal completed. The MBO will give us the opportunity to grow the business further and to continue to develop the exciting new products which are coming on stream. In a world where attention spans and engagement levels are low without visuals, our products allow users - whether they have a product to sell, a lesson to teach or a vision to communicate - to harness the importance of video to engage, inspire and motivate audiences.
People Icon Zoe Taylor, CEO of Sparkol
After 56 years in the bus industry and 38 years with EYMS, selling the business that has been such a big part of my life was a major decision. The combination of experience and sector knowledge that the Smith & Williamson team bought to the project was invaluable. They led the project from start to finish in a highly professional manner and were an absolute pleasure to work with.
People Icon Peter Shipp, Owner and Chairman of EYMS
It was a complex transaction that wouldn’t have been possible without the invaluable advice of the team at Smith & Williamson. I have been a client of Smith & Williamson for a number of years and they have always provided a joined-up approach across corporate finance, investment management and the wider business services teams. Along with their invaluable international reach and subsector expertise through Oaklins, they have been able to demonstrate a holistic approach most professional services firms strive to deliver. I don’t think we could possibly have been in better hands and I am looking forward to remaining part of the Smith & Williamson family.
People Icon Jeff Colegrave, Chairman of Floranova
Oaklins Smith & Williamson understand our businesses model and provided hands-on support and expertise to guide us through a process that both protects the existing business and provides funding for growth. The team at Smith & Williamson were a pleasure to work with and their relationships across the private equity and venture capital community were crucial in finding a partner with the right fit for AVS.
People Icon Angus Hastie, Chief Executive of AVS
We are a family owned business and this process was completely new to us. The team at Smith & Williamson gave considered and thoughtful advice and were always on hand to guide us through the process. Their commitment and experience ensured the transaction ran smoothly through to completion.
People Icon Dr Erich Schulte, founder of QMS
We are excited to have found a partner in SEP which shares our vision to support MDSL’s continuing growth. The team at Smith & Williamson handled the intricacies of the process impressively providing hands-on support and advice throughout. Their experience of working with owner-managers on international processes and with technology businesses was invaluable in guiding the process through to completion. The whole team were a pleasure to work with.
People Icon Ben Mendoza, founder of MDSL
As an entrepreneur I look for advisers that can speak my language and provide hands-on, clear and succinct advice. The team at Smith & Williamson provided commercial, timely advice and guidance throughout the transaction.
People Icon Alistair Copley, founder and CEO of Washstation
We found that the appointment of Smith & Williamson to support the vendor of Washstation really helped create an effective transaction process that saw both parties achieve their goals.
People Icon Paul Humphreys, Group CFO of JLA
With the support of our corporate finance advisers at Smith & Williamson, we went through a rigorous selection process to make sure we had the right partner in place to help fund the next stage in our development.
People Icon Will Curtis, Managing Director at London Biggin Hill Airport
It was a great comfort to have the team at Smith & Williamson's advice and guidance throughout the transaction. The level of experience and expertise we had supporting us made the whole process far easier than we anticipated.
People Icon Daniel Coupland, CEO of Faraday
Hand Picked Hotels will make an excellent owner of Stanbrook Abbey. They were quick to recognise the value we have created in restoring this historic abbey and in building the hotel business and we wish Julia, Guy and the team at Hand Picked Hotels every success for the future. We would also like to thank the team at Smith & Williamson who were instrumental in building trust and cooperation between all stakeholders. We are grateful for their skill and expertise in guiding the process through to completion.
People Icon Suzanne Hurndall, CEO of Clarenco
We are delighted to welcome five new shareholders to the company to help ensure continued prosperity in the years to come. We were pleased to work with the team at Smith & Williamson, who were sensitive to the commercial needs of our business and the various stakeholder interests. Their experience and expertise added value at every stage and guided us through the process to completion.
People Icon Grahame Pettit and Kevin Lendon, Founders of Amiri Construction
We chose to work with Smith & Williamson because of their reputation among owners of independent businesses. Their existing relationship with the Watergate Bay team was invaluable and helped build trust between all parties right from the start.
People Icon Baroness Nye, Director, Actev Limited
Actev is the perfect partner for us. We were impressed by how quickly they understood our vision and the speed with which they acted. From their initial approach to investment was four months and we are thankful to the team at Smith & Williamson for making the introduction and managing the transaction through to completion.
People Icon Will Ashworth, founder of Another Place and Managing Director of Watergate Bay Hotel
My great grandfather founded Horwood in 1896 and it has been a huge part of my life. When we embarked on this process it was pivotal to us that we found the right strategic partner and I am delighted that in TTK Prestige we have joined forces with a dynamic group sharing our high values. Smith & Williamson attracted interest from buyers around the world and expertly guided us throughout the process. They handled the many complexities in a highly professional and calm manner and the whole team were a pleasure to work with.
People Icon Jeremy Horwood, Director of Horwood Homewares
I would like to thank Smith & Williamson for helping us navigate the sale process. They understood that we had never undertaken a project of this nature before and explained and consulted with us on each step of the way. They also understood the importance of our core philosophy; providing the best level of care to patients.
People Icon Ian Mosely, Chief Executive of Oakleaf
The result would not have been achieved without the team at Smith & Williamson, who provided pro-active and unstinting support throughout this transaction including on a number of difficult elements. Their in depth health care sector knowledge and experience added real value to achieving a successful sale.
People Icon Jeremy and Jackie Hunt, Directors of Oakleaf
Selling the business after such a long period of ownership was a major decision for all the shareholders and it was crucial that our advisers understood what we were collectively seeking to achieve from the sale. The Smith & Williamson team were recommended to us and we were delighted by the skill and dedication they showed in delivering a transaction that achieved all of our objectives.
People Icon Nick Brewer, T Brewer shareholder and member of management team
The Smith & Williamson team provided hands-on and tireless support to help us achieve a successful sale. Their experience and expertise guided us through the entire process and we were very impressed by the professionalism and creativity of the team. I can thoroughly recommend S&W for anyone contemplating a sale of their business.
People Icon Martin Lynes, Chief Executive of T G Lynes
This is a great opportunity for the business to grow its capability and market penetration while continuing to provide a leading service to our customers. Smith & Williamson put up a strong team and played a crucial role in structuring a deal that recognises and rewards both the past and future for Excelian.
People Icon Adrian Marshall, Chairman and co-founder of Excelian
There were a number of difficult elements to this transaction which Smith & Williamson guided us through and were always available to offer support. Their technology sector experience was pivotal in securing a superb result for the business and its shareholders.
People Icon Stephen Grant, Excelian co-founder
Smith & Williamson was selected as our Corporate Finance adviser not just because of their technology sector experience but also for their enthusiasm and understanding of the Semafone proposition. They played a crucial role in structuring the deal and their practical approach throughout ensured that we achieved a successful transaction, bringing in a new investor whose involvement will enable the Company to fulfil our ambitious growth plans.
People Icon Tim Critchley, CEO of Semafone
In family companies, the dynamics are often different and an adviser needs to take this on board. The team at Smith & Williamson fully understood this and were a creative, driving force throughout. They consistently came up with structural solutions which met the needs of all parties and enabled us to get a complex management buyout over the line.
People Icon Julian Leach - Chairman of Motivair Compressors Limited
Smith and Williamson has followed our business for some time and was able to use his understanding to deliver a deal that puts the company in a position to grow in partnership with a new investor.
People Icon Steve Perry, owner of CGI
This was a complex deal involving a business split between the UK and South Africa. Smith & Williamson played a key role and worked tirelessly on behalf of their client to ensure a successful outcome. In the current market no deal is easy but without the team's creative thinking and focus on finding solutions to issues, this deal simply would not have happened.
People Icon Chris Price, investment director at Mobeus
Given our prior relationship with management and knowledge of the business MxP was uniquely placed to acquire the business in a short period of time. The pro-active support provided by Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance during this process played an important role in securing a positive outcome.
People Icon Michael George, founder of MxP Partners
The experience and expertise of the Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance team was invaluable. They delivered on what they promised at the outset, a director led team that supported us at every stage. They were a pleasure to work with and their calm and considered approach was key in securing a positive outcome to the transaction.
People Icon Nakis Papadopoulos, founder and CEO of IMGROUP
Smith and Williamson provided an exceptional and personal service throughout what was a highly complex engagement. They gave us creative and practical advice, demonstrating their clear understanding of the valuation metrics in the housebuilding industry. Without their assistance we would not have achieved the ultimate result.
People Icon Piers Banfield, Banner management team
Smith & Williamson played an important role in assisting to design and negotiate a deal structure to suit all parties. Having advised both on the RJW disposal and previous Slater & Gordon acquisitions, Smith & Williamson fully appreciate our commercial drivers, together with all the technical complexities of structuring transactions from the perspectives of vendor partners and Slater & Gordon as a quoted company acquirer.
People Icon Neil Kinsella, CEO of Slater & Gordon
The Smith & Williamson team came highly recommended to us but their commitment to delivery still managed to exceed our expectations. They provided clear and insightful advice at every stage of the process and were instrumental in delivering an outcome that achieved all of our objectives.
People Icon Tim and Virginia Windibank, founders of Rockheart
Smith & Williamson played a pivotal role in keeping the transaction on track and resolving important deal issues as they came up. Their co-ordinated and sensible approach to this international transaction was a great help.
People Icon Kingsley Duffy, CEO of HostelBookers
Smith & Williamson played a key role in structuring a deal that achieved all parties’ objectives. This was Banks Sadler’s first significant acquisition and Smith & Williamson’s experience and hands-on approach in guiding family-owned and entrepreneurial businesses ensured the transaction progressed smoothly to budget and timetable.
People Icon David Campbell, CEO of Banks Sadler
Smith & Williamson played an instrumental role in structuring a deal that achieved all parties’ objectives. Their experience, hands-on and innovative approach ensured that the obstacles and hurdles encountered along the way did not derail the process, and delivered a successful transaction with a partner who will support the continued future growth of the Company. They were a calming influence who gave sensible advice, without which the deal would not have happened.
People Icon Cal Barton, founder of Procam