Independent ACD and fund administration

Our Independent Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) and fund administration service provides a vastly experienced centre of excellence and full-service fund solution, comprising of the following teams:

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Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) and Authorised Fund Manager (AFM) fund oversight

By bringing together our key legal, technical, monitoring, risk reporting and delegate oversight capabilities we can offer support in achieving full regulatory compliance.

Our ACD and AFM fund oversight team covers four areas critical to the efficient and compliant functioning of funds: fund governance, monitoring and risk reporting, delegate oversight and regulatory change.

Pricing and valuations

We provide a trusted, independent and professional valuation service bespoke to the specific objectives of each fund.

Our pricing and valuations team oversee Net Asset Value (NAV) control, production and calculation of each fund’s class-specific NAV prices at the required valuation point specified within the fund’s prospectus.

Statutory reporting and tax

Our statutory reporting team ensure the proficient and effective delivery of interim and annual report and accounts, as well as the preparation and filing of corporate tax returns.

Transfer agency

Our transfer agency team are responsible for the on-boarding and maintenance of all fund registers, oversight of anti-money laundering documentation, dealing, settlement, distributions and re-registration activities.

Technical fund accounting and transitions

Our Technical Fund Accounting and Transitions team provide direct support to the implementation of fund change, effective delivery of departmental projects and in driving forward a robust fund administration operating model.

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