Business Users Support Scheme for Kerosene (BUSSK)

Welcome to the BUSSK on-line application platform which is administered by Evelyn Partners (Ireland) Limited on behalf of Enterprise Ireland, and Stage 1 of the application process. Overall there are four stages to the application process to help to ensure we capture information about your organisation only when absolutely necessary, and in the most secure manner necessary to protect your data.

Process outline

Before commencing we would recommend that you take the time to read the Guidelines for BUSSK which can be found here along with some helpful responses to Frequently Asked Questions.

Stage 1: Pre-Qualification Questions

This stage represents a series of initial pre-qualifying questions to ensure that your organisation meets the minimum qualifying criteria.

On completing the questions simply click on the "submit" button to allow us to assess your responses.

If you have successfully completed all questions, you will receive an email within 24 hours containing a link to your secure dedicated On-Line Application portal where you will be asked to create a unique username and password which you should retain in a secure place as you will need this each time you use the portal. You will receive the invitation from Please monitor your email inbox to ensure that any emails from are not sent to your spam or junk mailbox.

If based on our initial assessment of your responses, you do not meet the minimum qualifying criteria then you will receive an email within 24 hours notifying you of the reasons from Again, please monitor your email inbox to ensure that any emails from are not sent to your spam or junk mailbox.

Stage 2: On-Line Application Portal

During this stage of the process we need to gather further detail about your organisation and also your purchases of Kerosene in the qualifying period to ensure we can fully evaluate your application for funding. All of the questions and requests for supporting documentation are designed to ensure that on completion we have all of the necessary information to fully assess your application and your eligibility for funding, and to quantify any grant support that may be payable.

The majority of the questions are straightforward and represent information that should be readily to hand. However we will also ask you as part of this stage of the process to upload some documents in support of certain responses provided. You will be prompted at the relevant time but in order to allow you to prepare in advance of this there is a useful check-list of typical information we are likely to request based on the answers you provide. This list can be found here and we would encourage you to review this list now and where relevant collate these documents/details ahead of commencing this stage of the process.

  • Your latest rates bill for your business premises
  • Invoices for your purchases of Kerosene in 2022
  • Proof of payment for each of those invoices i.e. bank statements, paid receipt
  • A copy of your most recent income tax or corporation tax return (where a company)
  • Bank Statement header for your business bank account
  • A copy of your Failte Ireland NQAF accreditation where your business is a B&B
  • Where part of a group of companies a copy of your group structure
  • Your Tax Reference Number, PPS Number, CT Number
  • Your Tax Clearance Access Number (TCAN)
  • The amount of any other funding received under TBESS
  • The amount of any other State Aid funding received

Stage 3: Clarification, Decision and Offer

Once you have submitted your application we will carry out an assessment of the responses provided and any accompanying supporting documentation.

Based on that assessment we may need to engage with you further:
(i) To clarify some of the responses provided or to raise a further question in respect of the accompanying documentation

(ii) Where you have been successful to advise you of the grant amount payable and to obtain your acceptance of any grant offer that may be made

(iii) Where you have been unsuccessful in your application to advise you of the reasons not to award any grant and to explain the appeals process that may be available to you.

As this phase of the process is critical to ensuring that any offer and subsequent payment is made securely and to the correct beneficiary we will only interact with you using our secure end to end encrypted collaboration tool Inflo, and we will only ask you to share further information with us through this platform. You therefore may receive a request to join Inflo should it be necessary for us to interact with you as part of this stage of the process.

Any such request will come from Please monitor your email inbox to ensure that any emails from are not sent to your spam or junk mail box.

Stage 4: Bank Verification and Payment

Where you have been successful and accepted a grant offer, then and only then will we contact you by telephone to verify that we have the correct bank details for your organisation prior to any payment being made. During that call we will ask you to confirm certain details in respect of your organisations bank account number so that we can verify that they correspond to the information provided on the bank statement header required as part of Stage 2. On the basis that these numbers agree we will then issue an instruction to Enterprise Ireland that they can proceed with payment of any grant payable to that bank account.

Please bear in mind that payments to successful applicants will be processed and issued prior to the 31st December 2023.