UK opens 2024 customs duty suspension application window

On 8 May, the window opened for duty suspension applications for 2024, allowing UK businesses to apply for a temporary reduced rate of duty on imported materials.

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Louis Miles-Stringer
Published: 23 May 2024 Updated: 23 May 2024
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What is a duty suspension?

Duty suspensions are designed to help UK and Crown Dependency businesses remain competitive in the global marketplace.

This is done by suspending, either in whole or in part, UK import duties on certain goods, normally those used as inputs into domestic production processes.

Who should apply?

Duty suspensions provide an excellent opportunity for the removal of customs duties on materials imported.

If you are currently importing materials to be used in manufacturing that are subject to a positive duty rate, and cannot be sourced from within the UK, a duty suspension may be the perfect mechanism to reduce your duty outlay.

To qualify for a duty suspension, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be based in the UK
  • Be able to demonstrate a lack of UK supply of the materials
  • Provide evidence and forecasts of the duty impacts the requested suspension would have on your business
  • Be able to evidence that you are not importing the materials from a related entity

How we can help

Our customs and international trade team have experience of successfully applying for duty suspensions and can advise on the eligibility of your application and successfully guide you through the application process.If you would like an initial conversation or assistance with an application for a duty suspension, please contact Hakan Henningsson or Louis Miles-Stringer for your complimentary introductory meeting.

The deadline to submit applications is 11:59pm on Wednesday 3 July 2024.

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