Sectors and industries we work with in Ireland

From the motor sector and aviation finance to construction and energy and renewables, Evelyn Partners in Ireland collaborates with a diverse range of sectors and industries. Explore the specialist services we can offer to your sector.

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Evelyn Partners in Ireland delivers specialist accounting, tax and advisory support and services to a range of industries pivotal to the country’s economic success.

From tax advice and consultancy to succession planning, risk management and compliance, our team of experts has it covered.

Discover everything we have to offer key industries and sectors in Ireland, whether you’re an owner-manager in the motor sector, lead a not-for-profit organisation or run a corporate or family hotel business.

Family and owner-managed businesses

Our clients operate across many sectors of the economy but they have something important in common. They are entrepreneurial owner-managed and family businesses.  Our suite of services is focused on delivering effective growth and success with direct access to our partner expertise.

  • Business advisory. Advice and solutions to define and execute business strategy and achieve your business goals
  • Financing and funding. Our expert knowledge of the Irish financial landscape means we can support you in making informed decisions and source the funding you need
  • Business growth and scaling. Through our dedicated advisory team we help you confidently expand, consolidate and compete in Ireland and beyond
  • Succession planning. It is important to start planning for your business future early. We help you navigate the best way to plan for your exit, the role of the next generation and the secure future of your family business

Ireland’s motor sector

Take your motor business to the next level with enhanced profitability and efficiency. Covering manufacturers, distributors, dealer networks and owner-managed dealerships, our tailored automotive services include:

  • Financing and working capital. We can collaborate with banks and other sources of finance on your behalf
  • Profits and efficiency. Gain insights into the financial drivers of your company and create plans to boost profitability
  • Tax advice and compliance. Learn how to plan effectively, manage revenue audit processes and more
  • Succession planning. Map out the future strategy for your organisation with independent advice and support
  • Restructuring. We can negotiate restructuring arrangements, helping you work towards more sustainable debt levels
  • Business reviews and transaction support. Review your dealership performance. Make effective dealership acquisitions and disposals

Aviation and financial services in Ireland

Optimise the management of your Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) portfolio) with our statutory accounts preparation, compliance and management voluntary liquidation (MVL) services. Our bespoke aviation support includes:

  • Managing SPV compliance. Our Dublin-based team can oversee everything from SPV establishment to liquidation and asset disbursement
  • Statutory Accounts Preparation: With auditors conflicted we prepare statutory accounts to the highest standards in preparation for your annual statutory audit
  • Solvent liquidations. We can assist with the risks and benefits of Members Voluntary Liquidations (MVL)
  • Risk management. Our compliance, tax and restructuring expertise seeks to reduce shareholder risk
  • Employee and executive support. Build more attractive benefits packages and pension plans for your director team

Professional services to Ireland’s legal firms and professional practices

With deep experience providing accountancy, financial and tax advice to Ireland’s legal firms, here’s how our professional practice team can support you:

  • Reviewing your practice. Get insights and effective KPIs around financial controls, cash and lock-up. Create a plan to boost cashflow and enhance profitability
  • Regulatory compliance: We help you comply with the Law Society of Ireland SAR requirements
  • Business Outsource: Create efficiencies through outsourcing your financial function, payroll and reporting
  • Strategy advisory and support. We can strengthen your business plan, ensuring targets are met
  • Financial structures and controls. Free up working capital with the right steps in place
  • Succession planning. Secure the future of your practice through planning for retirement and future management
  • Mergers and acquisitions. Our M&A services range from due diligence and business reviews to financial projections and cashflow modelling

Support for charities and not-for-profit organisations

Amid growing scrutiny of Irish charities, we can bolster confidence in your financial structures. Here’s a sample of what we deliver to member organisations, charities, semi-state bodies and beyond:

  • Governance health checks. Stay on top of your responsibilities with independent advice, strategic support and reviews
  • Accounting support. Outsource accounting services, Internal and Statutory Auditing and regulatory compliance
  • Managing risks. Identify and prepare for potential threats to your operations
  • Tax advice. Gain assistance with tax compliance, VAT and property transactions
  • Restructuring and insolvency. Get financial help when your charity or non-profit group needs it most
  • Investment management. We can actively manage your endowment or asset portfolio to help fulfil its potential

Assistance for hotel businesses in Ireland

Drive your hotel business forward with financial and strategic advice, safe in the knowledge that we have more than 50 years’ experience in the industry. Specialising in Ireland’s family-owned hotel sector, our tailored services cover:

  • Financing. Get unique insights into your working capital, growth options, debt restructuring, refinancing and more
  • Growth plans. Take advantage of new opportunities with support on acquisitions, cashflow and profitability. Our experience in tax modelling, financial reporting and management controls will also keep you on the right track
  • Succession and Company exits. Ensure a smooth transition from one generation to the next through effective succession planning
  • Wealth management. Our tax and retirement planning services can meet the specific needs of your family

Property and construction support

Tackle financial and market risks at each stage of your project’s life cycle. Our impartial advice feeds into actionable strategies, right across Ireland’s real estate and construction industries:

  • Full-service advice. Our tailored personal and business advice runs all the way from compliance and financial planning to detailed tax planning and financing
  • Transaction support. Ensure merger and acquisition deals add up using our funding, due diligence, valuation and VAT services. We also assist with restructuring, tax advice, reporting and independent business reviews
  • Compliance. We’ll strengthen your focus on auditing, book-keeping, tax rules and payroll. Finetune your financial statement preparations, VAT and sub-contractor returns, and internal systems
  • Professional practice expertise. Our bespoke services also extend to real estate and construction professionals such as architects and chartered surveyors

Skills across energy, renewables and natural resources

From the start-up phase to significant expansions, our support can stretch far beyond Ireland. Our services including financial analysis, business and licence reviews, and consultancy advice are carefully tailored to your strategy and plans:

  • Reviewing your business. We start by understanding your unique goals and needs – assessing your existing activities, financial models and governance
  • Strategic input. We’ll collaborate with you on a robust plan to meet your targets. This may include joint venture activity or an initial public offering (IPO)
  • Structures, controls and regulations. Discover the financial and corporate governance structures your business requires. Regulatory support is another core service
  • Funding options. IPO preparation is just the tip of the iceberg. Our turnkey advisory and documentation solutions can also boost fundraising efforts
  • Making introductions. We can put you in touch with other companies exploring merger and joint venture opportunities

Public sector outsourced services and consulting

From government departments to state bodies, our experience of working with Ireland’s public sector spans decades. Our collaborations include:

  • Delivering outsourced grant management support to large national funding agencies, universities and research funders
  • Providing public sector agencies with outsourced financial and compliance resources including management accounts, statutory accounts and support with Comptroller and Auditor General (C&AG) annual audits
  • Helping government agencies with ongoing accounting and governance requirements
  • Migrating manual grants management systems to online, cloud-based solutions

Specialist Internal Audit outsourcing services to provide public sector bodies with robust processes for identification and mitigation of risks and to ensure compliance with regulations

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