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Plastic packaging tax was introduced in the UK from 1 April 2022. It affects all businesses that manufacture plastic packaging in the UK, or import packaging materials or packaged goods into the UK. In this recording we recap the rules, explain the latest developments and provide our insights on common pitfalls and challenges and how to deal with them.

Spain followed suit with their plastic packaging taxes which started on 1 January 2023. We will provide an overview of the current position for each of those regimes.

Find out more about:
• Who is required to register for plastic packaging tax
• Registration thresholds
• Exemptions, exclusions, and reliefs
• Compliance requirements and data needed for reporting
• Documentation and evidence
• Latest developments
• Common pitfalls and challenges
• Overview of Spanish and Italian plastic packaging tax regimes

Key take outs from this recording:

The recording will set out the rules and requirements for plastic packaging tax to help businesses understand whether you need to register and what you need to do.

We will cover the latest developments and common challenges, together with our insights on how to deal with them from a practical perspective when implementing the tax into operations.


Jayne Harrold Business tax

Jayne Harrold

Business tax

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