Tax settlements and investigations

Being subject to an investigation or negotiating a tax settlement with HM Revenue & Customs can be very time consuming, costly and stressful.


Tax rate card 2024/25

Our tax rate card gives tax rates and related information for the 2024/25 tax year, as announced in the Spring 2024 Budget.

In an economic climate where the Government is determined to maximise revenues from the taxpayer base, your business could be subject to complex enquiries across a range of tax issues at any time. A full corporation tax investigation can involve a detailed examination of your financial records and could lead to enquiries into directors’ personal tax affairs.

These kinds of investigations can have far-reaching implications, and you need to be able to respond effectively to any information requests and navigate complex procedures. And with so much at stake, you need to be confident that taxes and penalties are correctly calculated.

Meeting your needs


We act in a wide range of matters, including technical disputes relating to a single issue, formal enquiries dealt with at regional HMRC level and the most serious cases involving HMRC's Special Investigations office.


Many of our tax investigation specialists are former Inspectors of Taxes who have spent their professional careers in this area.


We have extensive experience dealing with enquiries from HMRC, with whom we have an excellent working relationship.


We ensure you reach the end of a tax enquiry with the minimum of stress and disruption, and only pay taxes and penalties, if any, that are properly due.

How we can help

  • Tax investigations: dealing with a range of investigations from a simple enquiry relating to a single entry in the accounts to a full enquiry challenging the accuracy of the accounts or tax returns
  • Special investigations: dealing with an enquiry from the HMRC unit responsible for investigating the most serious cases of tax fraud, evasion and avoidance
  • Guidance: explaining the enquiry process, taxpayer rights, next steps and assistance should an agreement fail to be reached, and advising on deadline extensions where necessary
  • Alternative dispute resolution: helping you work with HMRC’s ADR team to reach an amicable conclusion
  • Tribunals and litigation: critical examination of documentary evidence and providing expert evidence and cross-examination arguments for your legal team
  • Forensics: helping to mine data in response to requests from HMRC
  • Fee protection: offering protection against certain professional fees incurred as a result of dealing with enquiries for an upfront one-off fee

Our credentials

Track record

We have helped hundreds of clients conclude tax enquiries successfully.

Track record

We have helped hundreds of clients conclude tax enquiries successfully.


Our team comprises former HMRC specialist senior investigators, as well as chartered accountants and chartered tax advisers.

Thought leaders

Our partners regularly contribute expert commentary on tax settlement issues in the national and trade press.