Company secretarial services

Bespoke company secretarial services to ensure your company fulfils its statutory obligations.

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In today’s regulatory landscape, many companies are choosing to outsource their company secretarial services to specialised providers, freeing themselves from the complexities of compliance paperwork and enabling a focus on core business activities.

Our company secretarial services division caters to UK companies and LLPs of all sizes, including those that are owner managed  or part of a larger group. We provide a comprehensive range of services from day-to-day compliance to corporate restructures in conjunction with our tax professionals.

What are company secretarial services?

By law, most UK-incorporated companies must fulfil certain statutory obligations contained in the Companies Acts 2006 and other applicable legislation. Company secretarial services, also referred to as corporate secretarial services,  cover a range of compliance, administration and advisory tasks essential for ensuring firms comply to regulatory and governance obligations. These services can include company formations and dissolutions, annual filings of Confirmation Statements and event-driven tasks in relation to company officers and shareholders.

What are the advantages of using outsourced company secretarial services?

Company secretarial services are a specialist professional service that require a high degree of expert knowledge in an increasingly complex field. It is becoming more challenging and time consuming for businesses to stay on top of their obligations in an environment where many firms are having to adapt to more complex business models and ways of working. By using a specialist company secretarial service, you can:

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    Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

    Expert providers ensure accurate record-keeping and compliance with ever-changing legislation, relieving you from the burden of staying updated.

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    Achieve efficiencies and cost savings

    Unless your company is very small and simple, you are likely to find outsourced company secretarial services more cost-effective, eliminating the need for dedicated in-house personnel. Providers will have advanced software for efficient service delivery.

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    Benefit from expert advice and guidance

    Your company secretarial services provider will be an expert in their field and can help you to understand your obligations and make informed decisions

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    Enhance risk management

    Expert providers assist in managing risks associated with changing directors, shareholders and potential exposures, ensuring business continuity.

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    Strengthen corporate governance

    Company secretarial services support Boards with tasks such as preparing board packs, attending board meetings, taking minutes, and providing advice to help create and maintain strong corporate governance practices.

Why choose Evelyn Partners for your company secretarial services?

Based in the City of London, Evelyn Partners has a longstanding company secretarial services department with commercial and corporate experience to provide comprehensive services to companies of all sizes. Evelyn Partners is the UK’s leading integrated wealth management and professional services group and this gives us an unrivalled breadth and depth of services. Our company secretarial services align seamlessly with other departments, including business tax, VAT, audit, personal tax and business outsourcing services.

Which company secretarial services do Evelyn Partners provide?

Company formations

We provide company formation services for incorporating:

  • Private Limited Companies – limited by shares or guarantee
  • Public Limited Companies
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Registering UK establishments of overseas entities

Our formation service can include either model articles of association or bespoke articles of association to include multiple share classes.

Day to Day administration and Company secretarial compliance. Our fully tailored service ensures your company is always compliant with its legal obligations. This can include:

  • Assisting with event-driven compliance such as changes to the company officers, accounting year end and registered office address
  • Maintaining statutory registers
  • Advising on and maintaining the People with Significant Control register (PSC)
  • Preparing and filing the annual confirmation statement, ensuring that any required changes and filings are made
  • Preparing and filing accounts for dormant companies
  • Preparing various meeting minutes and company and director’s resolutions
  • Company secretarial specialist transactions

    Our company secretarial specialists encompass a wide array of complex changes tailored to support your growing business, including: share allotments and transfers to include capitalisation of loans, share issues under EIS and SEIS schemes

    • Share capital changes, including purchase of own shares, capital reductions via solvency statement, re-designation and sub-division of shares
    • Re-registrations from private to public company and vice versa
    • Drafting of tailored articles of association and updating existing articles of association to ensure that required share rights are in place and to comply with the Companies Act
    • Change of company name
    • Group reorganisations in conjunction with our business tax team
    • Company dissolution
    • Administrative restoration of dissolved companies
    • Satisfaction of registered charges
    • Interim and final dividend declarations
  • Board support services

    • Administration of board meetings to include preparing and circulating board packs
    • Attendance at board and general meetings
    • Taking meeting minutes
    • Advising on company secretarial matters accordingly
  • Other company secretarial services

    • A UK-registered office address for your company
    • Mail forwarding
    • A UK service address for the directors to prevent their residential address from being placed on the public register
    • Arrange for Notarising and Legalising of documents such as Certificate of Good Standing
    • Statutory health checks and company searches

Next steps

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Frequently asked questions about company secretarial services

What are company secretarial services?

They are the delivery of legal and compliance services to support companies and their Board of directors.

How can a company secretarial services provider help with statutory filings?

A company secretarial services provider ensures accurate and timely preparation and filing of statutory documents, keeping your company compliant with its legal obligations.

Who are the main customers for this type of work?

Company secretaries / finance directors of companies wishing to offload their company administration tasks and feel confident doing so.