Outsourced payroll services

A fast, reliable and cost-effective way to manage your company’s payroll

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Whether you are looking for a new payroll provider or are outsourcing your payroll for the first time, our specialist outsourced payroll team can help. Combining in-depth, hands-on experience with advanced technology, we can provide you with an efficient, reliable and cost-effective service that is tailored to the precise needs of your business.

By outsourcing your payroll to Evelyn Partners, you can be assured that your business remains compliant with fast-changing rules and regulations, and that your employees are paid accurately and on time.

Why should I outsource my payroll?

Payroll processing is essential to the success of any business and to the wellbeing of employees but it is also time-consuming, often plagued by errors and prone to non-compliance as regulations change. Because of this, outsourced payroll services are becoming an increasingly popular option.

By outsourcing your payroll, you:

  • Gain access to the specialist expertise of professionals who focus solely on payroll services
  • Benefit from advanced payroll technology, which harnesses automation to increase accuracy and efficiency and generate enhanced reporting
  • Can rest assured that your payroll is compliant with the latest legislation
  • Drive cost-efficiencies by not having to maintain your own in-house payroll function
  • Free yourself up from cumbersome administration to focus on your core business

Which types of companies benefit from outsourced payroll services?

Most companies benefit from outsourcing their payroll. We are increasingly seeing companies outsourcing their payroll as part of an internal restructure aimed at freeing up time to focus on growth and innovation.

Good payroll companies can also scale their offerings quickly, which is why payroll outsourcing is a popular choice for start-ups and fast-growth businesses. Payroll services such as ours do also provide essential infrastructure for businesses moving into the UK as well as essential knowledge for those unfamiliar with local regulations.

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Outsourcing your payroll

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What should I look for in a new payroll provider?

Payroll is a critical area for any business so choosing a payroll provider is an important decision. When assessing payroll companies, consider the following:

  • Is this a reputable firm that you trust to take responsibility for your payroll?
  • Have you received an accurate quote? Unfortunately, hidden fees are common among less reputable payroll firms
  • Does a dedicated payroll staff member come as part of the service? They will operate as an extension of your team, which can make the world of difference to the service you receive
  • What kind of team structure does the payroll provider have? A payroll hierarchy usually means better quality control measures and a clear path for escalating issues if necessary
  • Are the payroll staff qualified? A CIPP (Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals) qualification is a good benchmark but experience counts too

Why choose Evelyn Partners for your outsourced payroll services?

  • We are an extremely experienced provider of payroll services, operating a UK-based centre of excellence from our Guildford office
  • The service we offer doesn’t just process your payroll. We take responsibility for compliance and risk in relation to your payroll
  • We have – and continue to – invest heavily in the latest advanced payroll technology. In the hands of our skilled, qualified payroll experts, this allows us to provide a fast, consistent, accurate service while also delivering cost savings for clients
  • Our team has experience of working with a huge diversity of businesses and a track record in scaling quickly to match the pace of fast-growing businesses
  • We are competitively priced. We’ll start by understanding your business, how it operates and your objectives before going on to provide you with an accurate quote that is right for your business
  • When you choose Evelyn Partners, you’re not just signing up to a new payroll provider. We are the UK’s leading integrated wealth management and professional services group and you can benefit from the breadth and depth of experience that we offer

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Frequently asked questions about payroll outsourcing

What is payroll outsourcing?

Payroll outsourcing allows you to hire a specialist payroll provider to manage your company’s payroll. This can save you time and money, give you flexibility, help eliminate payroll errors and ensure compliance with fast-changing regulations.

How much does it cost to outsource payroll?

This depends on size and complexity of your business but outsourcing payroll can often reduce costs for you while also increasing the accuracy and efficiency of your payroll. If you get in touch with us, we can discuss your needs and provide you with an accurate quote.

Is there a good time to move payroll providers?

If you can, the best time to move payroll provider is at the start of the new tax year. To leave yourself enough time for your payroll to be transferred, start your discussions with your outsourced payroll provider a couple of months before your March payroll run.

Is it possible to outsource payroll part way through a tax year?

Yes, you can transfer payroll mid tax year but your new payroll provider will need to carry out extra work to make sure year-to-date balances are reflected correctly on payslips.

What do I need to tell HMRC when I am moving payroll provider?

Your new payroll provider will need to make HMRC aware that they will be acting as your agent.

Can a new payroll provider fix existing payroll errors?

Yes, an experienced payroll company will be capable of correcting payroll errors that have occurred historically as long as they are provided with all the information. This may require further submissions to HMRC to reconcile your account.