Financial modelling services

Making better decisions during all stages of the capital cycle, from investing to divesting.

R&D Pre Budget

An effective and flexible financial model can assist you in identifying key assumptions and variables affecting your business and allow you to assess various different scenarios, ensuring key decisions are based on an understanding of the consequences.

Specialist sectors require specialist knowledge, particularly in areas such as property and sustainable technology, where financial modelling can be extremely complex. For any business seeking to prepare or validate a business plan, seek external finance or expand into new markets, robust forward planning is essential to identify and alleviate potential risk.

Why you may need a financial model build

Why you may need a financial model audit/review

Already have a financial model…

  • but through various users and additions you are not 100% sure that the model works as you intended it to?
  • your financier requires assurance on the integrity of your forecasts before they commit finance?
  • your Executive Management, Board or Shareholders need to take critical decisions based on the model results
  • uncertain that key contractual terms are appropriately represented in it?

Why you may need financial model training

Do you have concerns about the rigour applied by your model developers, users or reviewers?

How we can help

Meeting your needs

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    We give you direct access to financial modellers with practical experience of preparing and reviewing business plans and a wide range of complex financial models.

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    We understand the needs of potential funders and investors, so can structure business plans to their requirements. Our experience of different information reporting systems helps us to develop forward-looking solutions which can be quickly updated to reflect any new financial data, while use of specialist software allows us to go beyond the traditional spreadsheet forecasting role.

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    We combine technical skill with a pragmatic business understanding and specialist sector knowledge to develop proven methodologies tailored to your unique situation.

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    User friendly

    Our practical, user-friendly financial models help you make better decisions by evaluating various scenarios and identifying strategic options.

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    You and your stakeholders will receive a constructive review and validation of your business plan and financial model, which may be particularly valuable if you’re seeking to raise external finance.