Trustee and executorship services

Acting as a trustee or executor is an important responsibility and often a daunting one. The acceptance of such a role is not to be taken lightly as you could be held personally liable in a wide variety of circumstances.

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There could be a benefit in appointing a trust corporation. This is a company based in the United Kingdom that can undertake trust business in England and Wales. Appointing a trust corporation can remove the risk of you being personally liable. Such an entity can also receive the proceeds of land sold, act on appointments and validly discharge outgoing trustees.

Another benefit of appointing a trust corporation is that you gain a truly independent partner. This could remove conflicts of interest, provide expertise and ensure continuity. A trust corporation could also help you to keep up with ever-changing legislation, something individual trustees often find challenging.

Meeting your needs


You will receive a personalised service. We work with a range of trusts, from small family concerns to large complex trusts that hold a variety of assets. We also act as:

  • A corporate trustee for pension schemes
  • An independent trustee of unregulated collective investment schemes
  • A corporate trustee of share schemes
  • The executor of deceased persons’ estates

Whatever your situation, our highly experienced team will provide a personal and timely service.


We are happy to work closely with your existing advisers such as lawyers, investment managers and land agents to deliver a premium trustee service.


We will ensure the trust is being run in accordance with the current legislation, governing instrument and supporting documents.

How we can help

  • Reviewing investments: we’ll review the performance of the trust’s investments, ensuring the managers involved are acting in accordance with their instructions
  • Reporting: we’ll supply regular reports on governance, monitoring and risk management
  • Tax: we can prepare and review all tax returns
  • Trustee meetings: we can organise and host meetings
  • Administration: we provide efficient and streamlined administration of the trust or estate

Our credentials


We’ve been advising individuals, families and trusts since 1881.


We act for over 170 landed estates and around 1,500 trusts with assets ranging up to £1bn.


Evelyn Partners Trust Corporation Limited is a member of the Association of Corporate Trustees (TACT) and the Association of Member-directed Pension Schemes (AMPS).

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