Cyber security

Protecting value for businesses through cyber resilience

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We live in an era of ever-increasing digital reliance - and we face a huge range of cyber threats. Developing resilience to disruptive cyber issues is a vital component of business enablement and value protection.

At Evelyn Partners, we help all manner of organisations to build cyber resilience across the full scope of their operations, reduce cyber risk and respond to incidents effectively when they occur.

Our cyber security experts provide clear, practical advice and support to help you address challenges, protect value, build and maintain trust, and realise opportunities.

Cyber security services

We appreciate that our clients’ concerns and needs often can’t be packaged into a one-size-fits-all service. So we work with businesses to develop a real understanding of the challenges and concerns they face, highlighting any capacities and opportunities to deliver the right support. Our 360° expertise, client care and value is at the heart of everything we do.

Some of our most sought-after cyber security capabilities include:

Cyber risk assessment and framework gap analysis

Cyber risk is an unfortunate fact of operating in the modern world. Instilling a proactive approach to security risk management is vital to your business. 

We can assess the cyber risk maturity of organisations via analytical methodology based on any common cyber security risk and control frameworks. The more common frameworks for this purpose include NIST CSF, ISO27k, Cyber Essentials and CIS Top 18. 

We use such frameworks to evaluate threats and prioritise pathways to improve company security.

Security strategy consulting

Just as many organisations are undertaking a technology transformation to unlock benefits and reduce costs, the same opportunity arises regarding security. 

Taking time to consider your company’s approach to cyber security challenges can transform not only your exposure to risk but bring about other benefits, such as efficiency gains, value creation and enablement, enhancement of digital and consumer trust, as well as improved regulatory adherence.

We can work with you to devise a strategy that makes cyber security a business and value enabler.

Regulation and standards advice

Cyber security regulations and standards have been increasing in recent years, forming an often complex patchwork of coverage and obligations.

Regardless of your industry and geographical coverage, we can help you to understand the regulations and standards that affect your operations, assess your compliance and risk positions, and help you to make the right improvements.

Examples of regulations and standards we commonly work with include EU and UK GDPR, UK Data Protection Act 2018, UK and EU NIS and increasingly NIS 2, EU DORA, as well as the FCA handbook, SRA Standards and regulations, and PRA rulebook.  

Programme management and delivery

Whether you need end-to-end programme management, delivery implementation expertise and support for your entire transformation strategy, or discreet and focussed advice or implementation support for a specific project or workstream, our team of security and project experts will work alongside your in-house teams and other providers to see your initiatives through to completion and benefits’ realisation.

vCISO/security advisor as a service

You might be facing a resource crunch resulting from a surge in business or team members leaving, or you could be looking to adopt an alternative security team modality to the permanent in-house model. Whatever the requirement, we can plug the gap.

Whenever you have a need for additional skills or capacity, Evelyn Partners have a range of expert cyber security analysts who can act as your in-house team through virtual or on-site advisor and interim position fulfilment, from SOC analyst up to interim and vCISO/exec level roles.

Cyber M&A services

Cyber security risk has resulted in some unwelcome, disruptive and costly surprises for both acquirers and business owners looking to exit. Evelyn Partners cyber security specialists provide a range of transaction related services for acquirers, investors and business owners. 

These include:

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    Sale / divestiture, exit and listing preparedness

    Preparing for upcoming due diligence to identify issues and execute a proactive and cost-effective plan that addresses cyber security challenges, and supports and protects business value ahead of negotiations.

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    Acquisition and investment due diligence

    Applying scrutiny to the managerial, operational and technical state of security as it relates to an acquisition or investment target to uncover security risk exposure, hidden costs or required expenditure, and provide information to inform negotiation.

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    Pre-and post-completion optimisation and change services

    These include addressing significant risks, achieving a security baseline standard in line with the rest of the invested portfolio, capability improvement, and integration and divestment / separation support.

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    Investment portfolio risk and operational due diligence services

    For institutional investors and highly acquisitive companies we can develop and build standards and frameworks which fit the risk profile and tolerances across the entire portfolio. We use them to inform a range of operational portfolio management services, including portfolio risk categorisation, ongoing operational due diligence, and optimisation of security operations and expenditure

Executive coaching and team training

Over the past decade, cyber security has featured among the top risks cited by C-Suite in many surveys. However, sometimes execs, non-execs, board members and trustees don’t feel comfortable or able to adequately perform their risk oversight duty due to the technical nature of cyber security, or the way cyber issues are presented to the board. 

Evelyn Partners understands these issues and help both executives and security teams to work together effectively. For instance, we work with security teams to improve their reporting and communications style and language choices when dealing with boards. We also coach boards and individual execs to understand key themes relating to cyber security, helping them to examine and decipher reports and prepare for upcoming sessions.

Incident preparedness

There is a single common differentiator between an organisation that suffers most disruption from a cyber attack and one that recovers quickly: preparedness

Evelyn Partners’ cyber security analysts provide a range of incident preparedness and testing services from reviews, policy and playbook development, tabletop exercises and wargaming, executive coaching and briefings, as well as operational delivery support to make improvements to all aspects of incident preparedness.

Across all of our services care and attention is given to the operational, technical and regulatory circumstances of each client’s organisation. This enables our solutions to be fit for purpose, implement recovery to point and time objectives, aid fulfilment of regulatory duties, and facilitate the rapid deployment of in-house and external teams including legal, PR/Comms, investigators, IT services, and incident management.

Our incident preparedness services are commonly delivered in the context of our incident response retained service agreements. By working together to prepare for an incident we’re ideally placed to support a real-life problem should one occur. For example, we can externally store copies of plans, playbooks and other information that might not otherwise be available during a disruptive cyber incident.

Incident response management

Our cyber security incident response and recovery services range from hands-off, independent challenge and advice, through to hands-on leadership and coordination in cyber incident response management roles acting on behalf of company management.

We have extensive experience guiding and leading organisations in a range of sectors to deal with incidents, including ransomware, business email compromise, hacking, and cyber-enabled fraud. For instance, we can:

  • Lead the technical and managerial response to incidents, spanning decision making, planning, and coordination
  • Organise and deploy technical response teams to conduct technical triage and manage containment of the incident
  • Determine business impact and advise you on regulatory obligations which can arise
  • Develop communication and stakeholder management strategies, communications content, and channels of delivery for all stakeholder groups
  • Manage representations made to other parties
  • Assist with root cause establishment and proportionate responses to prevent contagion and recurrence
  • Help you to select and instruct any other third parties in full or part fulfilment of these and other requirements, including legal, technical and commercial.
  • Develop and execute remediation strategies to recover business as usual, improve and enhance cyber defence and response capabilities, meet the requirements of regulatory representations and enforcement action, and put in place strength in depth across your security supply chain.