Assigning transactions to categories

Once your transactions are recorded, you can allocate them so that they end up in the correct box of the tax return.

This helps you stay on top of your income and tax-deductible payments, such as business expenses, charitable donations and pension contributions.

You can do this from the Record keeping area. Simply select a transaction and you’ll see the screen below:

We have a few tools to make this even easier:

  • Filtering your transactions

    e.g., by date, bank account, or search.

  • Categories in bulk

    e.g., assign all fuel costs as a business expense in a few clicks.

  • Split a transaction

    e.g., split a single bank transaction from a letting agent into the gross rent and their management fee.

  • Delete or mark as private

    e.g., if your bank feed has transactions that aren’t relevant for tax, you can easily remove these.