Self assessment penalties

HMRC can issue penalties if you:

  • pay your tax late;
  • submit your tax return late; 
  • don't tell HMRC about changes in your tax affairs;
  • don't take reasonable care and understate the tax you owe.

When HMRC issues a penalty, it should also give a letter to explain why. This states the type of penalty and the period it has been charged on. You can appeal a fine or penalty if there is a good reason. 


If you pay your tax late

There are many reasons why people miss their tax payments. Generally, the sooner you let HMRC know your circumstances, the lower the fine will be.

If you cannot pay your tax bill on time, HMRC may let you set up a repayment plan. You can find out more here.

Below are the penalty rates for late payments.


If you submit your tax return late

There are standard penalties for sending in tax returns late. These apply even if you do not have a tax liability. They are as follows:


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