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Less well known than Research and Development relief, the Patent Box regime allows companies to apply an effective 10% rate of corporation tax to profits earned from qualifying patented inventions, a significant saving from the main rate of corporation tax at 25%.

With the number of patent applications on the increase the regime is becoming more attractive, particularly as it assists management in balancing the costs of their Intellectual Property (IP) strategy against its benefits; giving them more room to manoeuvre when looking to research and patent going forward.

During the recording we will:

• Cover the key requirements of the regime; including the R&D fraction and effect of recent R&D regime changes
• Provide insights into the workings of the Patent Box regime
• Outline the potential benefits of the regime and how they may help your business


Rebecca Combes Business tax
Head of Business tax Southampton

Rebecca Combes

Business tax

Rebecca joined Evelyn Partners (formerly Smith & Williamson) in 2004 after managing the global tax affairs of WS Atkins plc. Previously, she worked as a chemical engineer before training as a chartered accountant with a Big Four firm.

She manages a wide portfolio of clients, including listed manufacturing companies, tech start-ups, professional partnerships and not-for-profit organisations. She enjoys the diversity this brings and the ability to add real value to her clients, with a particular focus on tech-related tax reliefs.

Tax Incentives Senior Manager

Sahdia Raja

Business tax

Sahdia is a Corporate Tax Incentives Specialist with over 10 years’ experience helping businesses to improve their cash flow by accessing various incentives including R&D and Patent Box.

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