Employee communication and counselling

Employers and trustees have a duty to ensure employees have the information they need to make informed decisions about their retirement.

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The Pension Regulator’s principles of good scheme governance states that employee communication should be “designed and delivered to ensure members are able to make informed decisions about their retirement savings”.

These guidelines can place a considerable burden on employers. Without the right help, many businesses fail to communicate effectively with staff about pensions and other benefits, increasing the risk that employees will make decisions that are not in their financial interests.

How we can help

  • Communication design: producing tailored communications on the benefits of pension arrangements to employees
  • Communication strategy: working with you to create a clear strategy around benefits and communications
  • Financial education: from group sessions to one-to-one employee clinics and step-by-step guidance through pension scheme mechanics and legislative changes, we also touch on other aspects of financial planning
  • Measuring engagement: testing whether employee understanding and appreciation has increased, and whether you’re getting a suitable return on your investment

Why choose Evelyn Partners?

You’ll have access to our highly experienced team of pension experts who are regulated to provide individual investment advice to members.

We have a wealth of experience, consulting on all types of registered pension schemes from defined benefit schemes to stakeholder arrangements.

As pensions become increasingly complex and regulated, we use our expertise to look creatively at how your employees can get the most from their pension scheme.

We build a deep understanding of your employee profile, engaging employees and helping them to make informed decisions on their retirement.

Our expert team holds regular clinics so employees have all the information they need about their benefits package.

We are associates of both the Pensions Management Institute and the Chartered Insurance Institute and members of the Personal Finance Society.